The Return of the Recap 26

Damn it, it is that time of year isn't it?
Damn it, it is that time of year isn’t it?

As is typical of this time of year, it was a completely uneventful sort of week. There was a bit of snow around here, but it wasn’t anything like feet of snow. I also made another one of my absurd twitter promises during the week in a desperate attempt to take my mind off of certain things this coming Thursday. At least this one won’t cost me a bunch of money like one of them last year. Although, that one did end up being a pretty nice experience.

So what do we have on store for this week’s recap post? Space Bros begins to revert back to the mean, there’s several holiday-themed episodes and an historically bad terribad anime from the team behind Ice. That one got licensed and dubbed, so that screams quality, doesn’t it?

Currently Airing Top 5

The wind is almost another character in this episode
The wind is almost another character in this episode


The revival of Robotics;Notes has been rather unexpected. The incident in Tokyo with robots trying to storm government buildings was but a mere foreshadowing of the horror that would come in this episode. This week’s episode started off positively as the Robotics Club got their robot working using a laser to power it. Then the episode took a bit of a turn when they were kicked out by JAXA who had to work on launching another rocket. At that point, Kai went searching for the next Kimijima Report, and the wind picked up at the high school. I thought the wind played an important role in capturing the mood. As the tension of the events picked up, so did the wind. There was also that helpless feeling as it became obvious that Mizuka and Subaru were both in danger. As psychological horror, it was well-executed.

This is Female Knight's world, we are but witnesses.
This is Female Knight’s world, we are but witnesses.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

This is really more of the same from Maoyuu, a focus on individual characters when it should be about the world at large. However, I can’t complain about that when it comes to this episode. This was an episode about the Winter Kingdom taking a fortress from demons using both intelligence and bravery to win. Demon King uses science to take out the demons one advantage of the body of water the humans have to cross. Female Knight then takes care of the rest including a final battle with Ice General. It also wasn’t as though the action held back at all either. The battle ends with bodies scattered all over the ground. Demon King has to deal with the consequences of having her own people die for the greater good in eventually ending the war. Ultimately, I think this episode will be remembered for Female Knight and that battle.

Always set your targets high, Rika.
Always set your targets high, Rika.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT

That smile just conveys the horrors of what she is speaking well.
That smile just conveys the horrors of what she is speaking well.

Zetsuen no Tempest

There is a point in this week’s episode of Tempest that really stood out for me. As everyone realized it was important to figure out who Yoshino’s girlfriend was, Mahiro’s group ran through the possibilities. Megumu realized that the group was trying to ignore that patently obvious answer that it was Aika. It was the same as the scene a few episodes earlier when he pointed out Mahiro being in love with Aika. At the same time, Hakaze finally couldn’t hold in her feelings any longer and confessed to Yoshino while pleading for him to give her a reason not to love him. The most effective parts of the episode were the flashbacks to Yoshino and Aika. She is clearly manipulative, but clearly in love with Yoshino, who is also in love with her. I think this episode even made it obvious that he loves her more than when she was alive.

Eita is a baller this week
Eita is a baller this week

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuruba Sugiru

The Masuzu/Mana conflict escalates this week as their father wishes for Masuzu to return home to Sweden; never to return. Before that, Eita pretty much had all of his delusions come back to haunt him. As Masuzu read out descriptions of all of the fictional girls who would fall in love with him; all fusions of characters from other anime and with voice actresses included for good measure, he was being destroyed by his own sense of shame. Chiwa and Himeko took a keen interest. However, it raised the interesting point of what is left for him to hide. He’s pretty much outed himself to the school anyway. So now that their new club appears to be safe, it’s getting shut down by one of the hall monitor girls. She’s in the OP, so add another one to Eita’s harem.

The Rest of the Week

A ridiculously over-idealized version of early 80s New York City here.
A ridiculously over-idealized version of early 80s New York City here.

Space Brothers

With all of the tension gone after Hibito managed to get some air, it was a calming episode this week. That said, there were still hints of where this series was going if it indeed is going to get into triple-digit episode numbers. But for this week it was just a woman watching Hibito sleep, Damian dealing with frostbite, pedantry regarding children’s toys in 1980 and Hoshika wishing that JAXA had the ability to launch its own manned rockets. That last one is clearly where this series appears to be heading and Mutta will probably play a role in that. Will the series peter out before it gets there?

Where did this Kana come from?
Where did this Kana come from?

Minami-ke Tadaima

It was actually another pretty good episode of Minami-ke this week. The major theme of this week’s episode was saying the wrong thing. So Chiaki bluntly tells everyone at the beach that the food was bad, which made everyone stop eating even though they were all skirting around that fact. No one can find the right words to tell Kana to stop acting like a ditzy girl. Plus, Makoto values the potential of interacting with Chiaki as Makoto than being friends with her as Mako-chan. I just wonder when that whole farce will come to an end, or maybe it won’t. It still feels like it’s dragging on since everyone bar Chiaki and Haruka knows about it by now.

It was sunny 40 seconds earlier
It was sunny 40 seconds earlier

Little Busters!

The Jun Maeda Project drags on with the conclusion of the twins arc. As far as Key story resolutions, this one wasn’t that bad. It just had small children being abused, fires being started and forced relationships. Did Urobuchi write this episode? So in the end, Kanata and Haruka are back to normal sisters and the whole abuse the former heaped on the latter is just water under the bridge. They even have a normal family the both of them can go back to. Unfortunately, We Still Don’t Know Who The Father Is That Day. Stupid Haruka and her being content at having people care for her. The truth is important for things like this, damn it.

Seriously, that's the medium this teacher uses to talk.
Seriously, that’s the medium this teacher uses to talk.

Ishida to Asakura

There’s no point spending much time on this episode. The new character talks with his open fly while holding the same shit-eating grin on his face. He’s also probably attracted to Asakura in the same way that every other character in this show is. At least it didn’t stick with the point too long.

One episode was enough, but they just keep pushing it
One episode was enough, but they just keep pushing it


Finally, Yamakan has made a mis-step here. The character of Rudolf worked well enough last week when it was obvious he was a lolicon. Now he’s pretty much got big honking lights and sirens on him saying that he’s a lolicon. It’s like repeating the same joke again in the hope that it’s funny. It was funny the first time. Repeating it just shows no confidence in further jokes. At least Ross was back in commission by the end.

Speaking of repeating a joke
Speaking of repeating a joke…


Now this series gets into romantic comedy territory, and as a result, it’s pretty dull to be honest. The ESP Club gets a 5th member when Hiyori joins because she’s still after Manabe. She successfully convinces Yuriko that she has telekinetic powers and then they all head to Haruka’s new apartment to do fun stuff. Then the second half was just Haruka embarrassing herself due to her lack of athletic talent. But everything’s okay because she has that picture of Hiyori as a child posing. But the drop-off in interest is rather alarming now and probably shows a weakness as a romantic comedy that wasn’t obvious due to the drama early in the series. Maybe Haruka’s mom can pop back in to bring that back?

The feelings of other people finally stuck in his brain.
The feelings of other people finally stuck in his brain.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

In the course of the days since I watched this episode, I realized something that I think would have made this series much better. Sorata should have been a complete psychopath from the beginning. Then it would have worked much better as a statement against romantic comedies. Instead we are left with a main character who is just as dense as any harem lead. He’s only had months of being led on as to the feelings of the girls who love him. Also, Rita deserves much, much better.

I don't even...
I don’t even…


And once again, this series continues to be celery. It’s really hard to say much about this show because it’s merely a series of events involving various characters of pre-determined moe value. The only thing that really stood out for me in this episode was the Valentine’s Day segment. The girls were all intentionally being cruel to poor Kyoro. It’s not like there are any other girls in this school. so the girls in the club are his only source of chocolate on the holiday. Poor guy.

Updated Seasonal Ranking

Anime Season Rank Change Series Average Rank Change
Uchuu Kyoudai 1 4 ↓1
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 2 1
Robotics;Notes 3 ↑1 5 ↑1
Senyuu 4 ↓1 2
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT 5 3 ↑1
Zetsuen no Tempest 6 6 ↓1
Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru 7 8
Minami-ke Tadaima 8 10
Kotoura-san 9 11
Ishida to Asakura 10 12
Little Busters! 11 13
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 7


This guy looks vaguely familiar.
This guy looks vaguely familiar.

Anime 6 Angels

One of the challenges set in writing a review of this particular terribad was a word count. Thanks to a running joke during the watch, that means 1000 words. I’m including this preamble in that word count because it’s very hard to come up with a thousand words when thinking about the topic causes blood to start hemorrhaging from one’s eyes. Also, for whatever reason, the folder containing all the episodes was helpfully named “Anime”. So here is my far longer than it deserves review of Anime (all of it).

6 Angels was made by the same team that did Ice. I mentioned earlier that preposterously that OVA and the movie version were both licensed. I don’t imagine that same mistake happening with this flash/3d/extremely outsourced animated junk. Before I get started let me list the successes that came about from 6 Angels.

  • Cast and crew were paid for creating 6 Angels

That sounds about right. The plot as far as I could tell from the narrative mess involves a group of girls who patrol the Utah desert around a prison that hosts really fast criminals with a strict dress code. (wifebeaters and head wraps covering all but an eye mandatory) The prison also happens to look like the Pentagon surrounded by a Star of David. I can’t tell if this is supposed to be some sort of statement against Zionism and the American government being a puppet, if it’s just trying to be offensive or most likely they just threw a bunch of symbols together until the director thought it looked good. There’s no point in analyzing it beyond that to be honest.

When the crew’s gun-shaped helicopter crashes, they are saved by their robot pilot who sacrifices itself to save them. It deserved better, really. The main villain is then introduces, and it happens to be a guy who sports a Guile haircut, and dopes at a level that is impressive to even the average Australian athlete or Lance Armstrong. At the same time in The Residence of the President of the United States (they had problems just saying White House apparently), they come up with a plan to fire nuclear missiles at this strange prison complex from a satellite platform they launched into space.

Also, on a side note, the Soviet Union exists again in 6 Angels. I don’t remember them contributing all that much apart from providing mecha support where one of them is stolen by the robot alarm clock in a diaper. There’s a sentence you are unlikely to see again anywhere.

Meanwhile, the girls continue to fight within the prison using ridiculously oversized revolvers. Even the youngest of the girls, who initially stowed away on the mission turns into a cold blooded killer after pumping 18 rounds into a guy who had an evil twin.

By this point, I’m well aware that absolutely nothing I’m writing makes sense now. Just imagine having watched this. I should now stress another point. The episodes vary in length from 10 minutes to a final episode of 26. I think whoever was editing it was doing an excellent job cutting out any additional content that they could get out. Then, they either quit or were sacked prior to the final episode. I can’t think of any other justification for the last episode being that long.

Yeah, that last episode. I can only really describe it as throwing as much stuff into an episode as possible and hoping that one thing sticks. This show is teflon in that regard. There’s Guile getting shot in the head with no effect. Everyone being sad and depressed like they only watched the worst parts of Evangelion and thought they were brilliant. There were characters being crucified for I assume the crime of being characters in 6 Angels. Even more, the person subtitling this also appeared even more like someone who lacked the ability to read or hear.  And worst of all, it ends with one of the most pretentious conclusions on record. You watched all that only to be preached to think before hurting others.

So a final recap of 6 Angels a bunch of stuff happens at random. Americans are idiots who want to nuke themselves. Guile is evil, but actually good in the end. Little girls turn into murderers for laughs. And you’re on your own when it comes to understanding what is being communicated in the subtitles.

And to conclude, as a piece of terribad anime 6 Angels does the job perfectly. It’s an utter disaster and disgrace to any visual medium. The only people who should be viewing this are trained and licensed terribad experts. I would also count any of the people who unironically paid for Ice as people who should watch it too. You made this piece of crap possible by giving them money and this is what you deserve. If you then think that 6 Angels is still good, then you may have to commit yourself to an asylum because you clearly do not deserve the right to exist within normal civilization. This is without a doubt the worst anime I’ve ever seen. It makes classics like Garzey’s Wing, Apocalypse Zero and Mars of Destruction look like the Citizen Kane, 2001 and Lawrence of Arabia of anime respectively. Just to give you an idea of how bad this was, from the group of 8 of us watching this, it earned a whopping 10 points total on MAL. Yet somehow, this is still criminally rated near a 5 overall. There’s a reason that MAL isn’t considered the ideal place to judge the quality of a series, and this is yet another example of that. I’m left with just one question: “Why is this allowed to even exist?”

The only reason this gets a 4 is because I still think there’s a chance there’s something worse out there or will be made in the future.

Time of First Female Nudity: 18 seconds into episode 3
Rating: (4/100)


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  1. Kotoura-san: We finally are where I thought this show was going to be from the start. I have to say it was better than I thought, but it also was at its best in the first couple of episodes, and progressively went down hill from there. I fully expect that trend to continue.

    1. It’s sort of a shame really. I think it used up all of it’s ability to differentiate itself from other shows in the drama. Now it’s just average.

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