Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT 07 – The Herbivorous Man

Sena celebrates Kobato's birthday
Nope, not disturbing at all.

This week’s episode of Haganai was centered around Kobato’s birthday, but actually had very little to do with her at all. Instead, I would say Kodaka is the main focus this week. Due to her birthday, Sena, Rika, Yukimura and Yozora want to buy Kobato a birthday gift. They all end up going together with Kodaka. Fashion dominates the rest of that day’s trip. Then comes the club’s birthday part for Kobato and a dinner where Kate and Maria spend the night at Kodaka’s house.

Kodaka is embarrassment personified
Like a Dan Brown novel, Kodaka once again speaks internal thoughts.

The scenes with Kodaka in this episode were the most fascinating to me. They provided as much insight into why someone in his position ends up having no feelings toward any of the girls around him. It all began with one statement that he said to Sena at the cafe. How can someone like me without friends have a girlfriend? It dawned on me that it explained everything about why he doesn’t even realize his position.

Kodaka is rather lonely
Kodaka only expresses his true feelings in side comments

I think it’s a case where he went into the whole idea of a club devoted to making friends with that purpose in mind. He sees the girls in the club merely as other people who cause him problems or help him depending on the circumstances. He’s really there just to try to find out how to do so. He has no ulterior motives at all. The arrangement for shopping makes perfect sense. He has some other humans who want to buy a gift on a specific day with him, so it would be logical to do it all as a group. That thought of being undeserving of romance is also why he has an emotional wall around him. It’s just that as he is present in all of these girls lives, it doesn’t appear to be the case to them. They aren’t asking him the right questions.

This pic is here only for traffic purposes
This pic is here only for traffic purposes.

Even further, I think the scene when he inadvertently peeps on Kate was important as well. It was a rare moment of emotional confusion in Kodaka from my view. He had the time it took to calculate that he logically shouldn’t be looking, combined with the innate desire to do so along with the knowledge that he would have to take responsibility for what had happened. His desires get pushed all the way to the bottom of the list.

This pic is designed to draw traffic
They aren’t even trying anymore with Yukimura, are they?

In a way, I think Sena and Rika are farthest ahead in the race to get his affection. Rika is in the discovery phase of trying to think about how Kodaka thinks. The fact that he brought all of the girls with him on the train without thinking anything of it had her questioning if he was dense or if he does it on purpose. The answer to that question is that the idea of love is not even in his mind. He can’t be intentionally putting a damper on all of their feelings if he doesn’t even know what those types of feelings are. Sena, meanwhile, knows his problem now, but does she even have a clue how to address it?

Both come away frustrated from this encounter.
A frustrating conversation goes nowhere, as expected.

I’d hate to think these are negative criticisms of Kodaka’s character. For the most part, he’s a completely responsible person who manages the people around him well. He just simply does not know how to connect with most people beyond a basic level and lacks the conviction to try. For those who have fallen for people like him, it must surely be as frustrating as hell to get him to come out of his shell.

This scene would be better if Kobato was holding a cross
That is friendship

So that entire segment of the post is devoted to just Kodaka. What else for talking points?

  1. Maria and Kobato have a friendship that is blossoming well, but Kate is left as the responsible party with no emotional reciprocation from her younger sister.
  2. Yozora’s fashion sense is excellent, but why would it take her to then to realize that she was also dressing in a sexy way at the same time?
  3. I think Yukimura in that same outfit worked better to be honest.
  4. Sena’s lusting for Kobato continues to be creepy
  5. Kodaka has a fine eye for cookware. Having high quality tools in cooking can make the difference in turning a good meal into a great meal.
Yozora's having a bad time
Soon to appear as someone’s avatar on twitter.

Next week, I really can’t tell what is happening. There was something alluded to by Kodaka as Kate left in the taxi. I’m tempted to say that was more Pegasus putting ideas into the heads of others about Kodaka’s position in relation to his daughter.

5 thoughts on “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT 07 – The Herbivorous Man”

  1. Great analysis of Kodaka. He just hasn’t ever gotten to the point where he realizes 1) everyone in the Rinjin-bu is already friends and 2) that they are friends with him because they actually like him as a person first. Yes, 5 of the 7 girls in the show would love to date him, and the other two want him to dote on them as his imouto, but that’s in addition to being friendly with him. Yozora has even explicitly stated that she and Kodaka are friends, but it really went over his head.

    All the girls being friends is actually coming together pretty well. I’ve loved the growth of Yozora through the second series, and Rika’s resignation to not ever getting through to Kodaka, which has led to a bit more abuse out of frustration, but she’s growing closer with him. I think Sena’s been a bit stagnant, but has definitely grown closer to Yozora as well.

    Also, I am spoiled on what Kate was talking about, so I won’t mention it.

    1. I think with Rika, it’s not so much a resignation as much as it’s now turned to a curiosity as to why he treats them all the same. I also don’t think Sena is as stagnant as you think. She’s gone from being a narcissist to caring about Kodaka’s state of mind. The change in question at the cafe indicated that in a subtle way in my opinion.

      1. I was referring more toward Sena’s friendships with the other girls, rather than with Kodaka. Mainly I mean that Sena has always looked for approval from Yozora, and I think most of the movement in that relationship has been Yozora moving closer to Sena (although she still lacks the knowledge of when enough is enough). So the development for her with respect to the other girls is more of just moderating her narcissism, as you say, which I think she’s a bit behind on (and which is what gets her into trouble).

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