The Return of the Recap 28

Junichirou is a fan of Bruce Lee
We’re getting into Enter the Dragon type stuff this week

So I find myself with a little bit more spare time this week. Unfortunately, I happen to live in a place that is little more than a frozen wasteland which basically means I get to sit inside for most of the time. At least winter seems to be coming close to an end since the days are getting noticeably longer now. Or to some it up briefly, it’s cold outside, I want it to be warmer.

This week, there’s not much in the groundbreaking animation front. It’s about as midseason a week as there possibly can be. Though I would not be surprised if there was a magnificent episode of a show I’m not watching. But that thought happens every week.

Currently Airing Top 5

You mean boys don't dress like that?
That angle could be lower still

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT

Hakaze has her eye on the prize
Remember when Hakaze wasn’t a pandering character…I don’t either.

Zetsuen no Tempest

In this week’s episode of Tempest, Mahiro confirms for himself that Yoshino was his late sister’s girlfriend. In a surprisingly good way, they can continue to be friends. The conversation they had was about as bro level a conversation as you get in this kind of show. In the mean time, Hakaze’s feelings have not wavered at all. She is willing to do whatever it takes to have her feelings reach Yoshino. Also standing out for me was Evangeline. She came up with an absurd theory behind the trees, but it can’t be dismissed entirely. Now it’s on to a time traveling arc where Hakaze unsuccessfully tries to save Aika. I mean, the logic of the world would dictate that one can’t change history so easily.

Eyes on the prize
I’m still disappointed in you after last week.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

The drama began to kick in on this show toward the end of the episode as Demon King suddenly became a wanted person. It means that they’ve finally made enemies of the wrong people. There were 2 parts of this episode that I thought were worth noting. The city where demons and humans mix was really nice, though I think it could be seen as blatant idealism on the part of the writer. I know they tried to make it pragmatic after the army left the town, but it felt like no conflict at all. On the down side, Female Knight’s infatuation with Hero seems to have gone a little too far. It’s almost harem anime stuff with that relationship now.

Hosaka and Chiaki rule over this show
I like a good song-and-dance number

Minami-ke Tadaima

Given the fact that I still had to fight through grammatical errors and blindingly obvious mistranslations, I still managed to enjoy this week’s episode. The overriding theme for the episode is vegetables and the fact that everyone has to be hypnotized into liking them speaks a lot for how much they are liked. On the plus side, this was a Hosaka episode, and as such he completely stole the show. The contribution to the some made entirely for the barbeque sequence as well as the song and dance number with Chiaki at the end were really good.

Aki is impressed by her work
How is this too ordinary again?


I wasn’t really a fan of this week’s episode to be honest. Which says a lot about the shows that are under this more than anything. At times it felt like it was trying to make me hate it, with all the needless inexplicable hatred that people in the expo seemed to have for things Gunvarrel. Ok, they did manage to impress one kid, but think of the expenditure just to pull that off. There was also supposed to be some sort of character building between the Senomiya sisters, but the conclusion made me think that the writers got too bored of trying so added Misaki getting shot at for the ending.

The Rest of the Week

Yamakan hits one out with social commentary
The king is an idol fanboy. She must be punished.


This was another episode where Alba ended up in a jail cell. He’s wearing those black and white hoops as though it is his main equipment now. Really, nothing of note happened this week. The king reading the paper in the intro was the best joke, but I really have no idea where this show is heading plot-wise now.

Steroids are bad, m'kay
Natsume Rin was another name that appeared in Biogenesis documents.

Little Busters!

This was an episode on unrequited love which is really just filler. It had the third letter from the mysterious bus driving entity, but fortunately it didn’t call for mass organ donation card signing here. So basically, this episode is about Rin trying to set up a fellow student with Sasasegawa Sasami; her rival. She and Riki repeatedly botch it while inadvertently discovering she had a thing for Kengo. Poor Aikawa never had a chance, but for shared unrequited love. Only when Riki and Rin stop trying to force things does the situation end in an acceptable way. I don’t think that’s the lesson that The Jun Maeda Experience™ wanted anyone to get out of it, but it’s an accidental success nonetheless.

Mutta wears a fancy hat
Mutta does a good job with that outfit. I almost confused him for a normal American.

Space Brothers

Other than the introduction to the asshole of an instructor that Mutta will have to deal with at NASA, this was again another filler episode. There’s been a lot of these after Hibito’s incident. I really think it would have been better to have quickly rushed Mutta through to land on the moon in story terms even if it does take 2 years. Instead, we may well be forced to wait 2 years for that to happen. I’ll have stopped watching it by then. Instead, my memories of Space Brothers will be filled by Buzz Aldrin being unable to act in the role of Buzz Aldrin.

Moritani gets freaky with Haruka
Where’s the recipe for that meal?


This series is heading back into wavering between depressing drama and romantic comedy again. The section with Yuriko’s back story seemed a bit out of place apart from further establishing her feelings toward Daichi. It seems bad that they are padding for length at this point in the series. Haruka’s mother also appears briefly, but she’s just a bad human being. Why does this series think it has to redeem her at all?

Poor Mecha-Yamada
The death yells make this show entertaining occasionally

Ishida to Asakura

Yamada creates a robot version of himself to destroy Ishida, the robot turns on him then befriends Ishida, then the robot sacrifices itself to save Ishida. That’s the whole episode. In 2 minutes, it did a pretty good job of creating a narrative of blossoming friendship and of tragic ends. I never thought I’d say that about this show.

Megumi is saddened by something
Sorry Megumi, this show is back on form


Despite the fact that it seemed to have been invented out of nowhere, suddenly Megumi was worried about her weight for the entirety of this episode and it felt like those were the best parts of the episode. Shion was back to wanting to do things that were cute with Kyoro. Also, there was a new character, which completely ruins the dynamic of this show. She’s just a slight variation on Mao and she exists only to eat a lot. On the downside, Tamaki’s appearance has meant that the OP animation looks like a poorly edited mess.

Eita inflicts pain on the blackboard
Eita has the best way of spoiling the mood ever.

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru

I could pretty much write the same thing as last week’s episode for this week. There was nothing new that happened. Ai is still not close to admitting her fake boyfriend doesn’t exist, not is she closer to confessing to Eita. Chiwa’s interventions with the kendo stick are perhaps the only reason to watch this week’s episode. There was also no reference to JJBA which probably explains the fall off in quality.

Sorata is disappoint
We’re doing this again? Really?

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

After last week’s marriage proposal and the threat to tear down the building, how would the show build on that drama? By not even trying. That’s right, an episode composed almost entirely of flashbacks to Sorata’s first day upon moving in. For a show about a group of characters trying to build romantic relationships with each other, they sure do spend a lot of time thinking about the past. Add this to the pile of episodes that can be skipped when marathoning this show.

Updated Seasonal Average Ranking

  Season Rank Change Series Average Rank Change
Uchuu Kyoudai 1 4 ↓1
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 2 1
Zetsuen no Tempest 3 ↑2 5
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT 4 ↑2 2 ↑2
Robotics;Notes 5 ↓1 6
Senyuu 6 ↓3 3 ↓1
Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru 7 7
Minami-ke Tadaima 8 ↑2 9 ↑2
GJ-bu 9 ↓1 11 ↓2
Little Busters! 10 ↓1 12
Kotoura-san 11 13
Ishida to Asakura 12 14
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 8

Catching Up

A rare moment of a non-sexual joke in SYD
The person not holding anything is most afraid of what the think is fiction

Seitokai Yakuindomo

For those familiar with SYD, it’s a pretty typical episode for the most part. Loads and loads of sexual jokes and double entendres galore in another OVA episode. I guess it beats making another season. In this installment, Suzu helps an elementary student get a balloon, the gang investigates the mysteries of the school and they decide on new food for the cafeteria. Like I said, it’s more of the same from this franchise of crude jokes.


Blatant Misato-Shinji wish fulfillment ahead
Blatant Misato-Shinji wish fulfillment ahead


It’s another Evangelion clone this week on terribad. It also throws in the element of having the mecha driven by sexual energy. So I think that means that inspired Kawamori when he was creating Aquarion though I haven’t seen it. This is a narrative mess, but as far as Eva clones go, it wasn’t completely terrible. Which explains the relatively high rating come the end of this review.

The story starts in a complete random chronological order, but essentially it’s the story of the protagonist Kei being plucked from school to pilot a mecha. He then enters a school and dormitory filled entirely with girls. He then spends his days alternating between trying to rape his childhood friend, sexing up an Ayanami-insert, having the Misato-insert force herself on him, oh and piloting a mecha that looks nothing like an Eva unit, but works the same from a pilot damage perspective anyway.

The nonsensical story doesn’t drag its feet too much and within an hour you are witnessing Kei giving birth to another mecha piloted by his childhood friend without feeling like a year has passed. Yes, you read that right, human male giving birth to a mecha. That’s not even the silliest part of that when that scene reveals all the genetic consequences.

Though the rest of the group seemed to find it really poor in quality, I simply put it in the same area as anything superior to Mars of Destruction, which hasn’t been much lately.

Time of first female nudity: 6 minutes 8 seconds
Rating: (51.07/100)

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