The Return of the Recap 29

Jill can write, but not speak Japanese?
Japanese-Canadian relations took another hit this week.

The mundane is something that I’ve had to deal with a lot recently. It has reached the point where late night grocery shopping can now be considered adventurous. I don’t really live in an area where that would truly be the case though, although I could give one of those places near work a shot. At least with it being near the start of baseball season, it means that spring is just around the corner.

This week there was not a wide spread of episodes. There was an epic monologue, romantic comedy centering around films and a swimsuit episode that never ventured outside among other things. As for terribad, it had as catastrophic an ending as any in recent memory.

Currently Airing Top 5

Older Maid Sister is in fine form
Maoyuu delivers its Sorkinian monologue this week

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

Older Maid Sister would be the star of this week’s episode as her character delivered a monologue about the plight of serfdom and what it is to be human. In the back of my mind, though, was the thought that it lacked dramatic tension with Hero able to swoop in any second she was really in danger. Winter King stepped in to stop the execution himself, but at the end of her speech Older Maid Sister seemed ready to accept whatever happened to her. I’m really worried about pacing for this show now since it feels like there’s way too much to wrap up in 3 episodes. It’s going to get messy.

Kodaka takes in the fine arts
Um, Kodaka, your head is blocking my view of this artistic masterpiece.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT

Well, shit...
You are reading that correctly.

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru

Finally, Eita’s harem is complete. After reading Ai’s notebook of delusions, he’s drawn in to watching the fireworks with her. Then, he finally remembers her from kindergarten and the promise to marry her when he wasn’t even paying attention. On the plus side, I do like Ai as a character more than I thought I would at first. She still has the secret boyfriend going on with the rest of the group, but she has a certain domineering attitude combined with an adorably naive view of romance that really makes her watchable. That leaves about another 2 episodes before serious Masuzu’s younger sister related plot has to kick back in.

So finally she has a point
HanaKana possesses the ability to turn small toothpicks into gigantic swords.

Zetsuen no Tempest

To be quite honest, the reveal wasn’t that much of a shock. At a point in the first half of the series, everything about what was happening pointed at Aika. The reveal also means that it really leads to just 2 possible paths to her death. Either Hakaze kills her or she kills herself. Judging by how overpowered Aika appeared, I can see the ending to this plot line. Maybe they can explain the stuff about the logic of the world soon. I’d actually love for Evangeline’s theory to be correct.

His arm is really fast.
Great ninja technique.


Continuing a trend in this week’s episode is characters who appear to be strong at first, but are actually quite weak. Janua is the new character, a demon who destroyed a building that got him thrown into jail. Actually, he destroyed the building by failing in his attempt to reach for ketchup at a hamburger joint. Clearly the building wasn’t up to code, but that doesn’t matter in this show’s world. Actually, the center piece of this episode were jokes based around throwing Jutsu at the end of it. It’s really no better than the Anquan Boldin related jokes from the /sp/ calls.

The Rest of the Week

The indoor beach episode.
Who needs to go anywhere near water for a swimsuit episode?


The theme of this week’s episode was Mao continuing to try to convince Kasumi that she was a third-grader. That’s quite a massive hole she dug herself into just to get a meal with the flag sticking out of it at a family restaurant. She’s such a kid despite being close to graduating from high school. That’s her charm, I suppose. The rest of the episode was a summer theme, but all set in the club room. Finally, I found Jill’s ability to only write in Japanese rather absurd, but since this is GJ-bu I’ll let it go.

The Minami sisters are perplexed at what's happening before them.
This is some sort of romantic comedy, right?

Minami-ke Tadaima

A heavily romantic comedy themed episode this week. A pair of romantic movie tickets being passed around leads to confusions and misunderstandings everywhere. No one makes up any ground in who they were chasing after though the Hitomi/Fujioka pairing has unexpected promise. Unfortunately, their feelings are directed toward people who are completely oblivious. Another thing, we still don’t know who took those movie tickets that day. Also, there was another riff in this episode I found interesting. Riko needed absolute certainty in her cookie recipe for Fujioka. None of this “pinch” or “a little”, an exact number damn it.

Of course they would make the Indian woman attractive
Soon Nitta and Mutta will be vying for her affection with tragic consequences.

Space Brothers

Oh boy, this is beginning to drag out. Mutta and Kenji have come to the realization that the level in training they have reached is AAA-ball. They all train for a chance to be called up to The Show along with Murasaki, but eventually a number of people drop out because they realize it’s never going to happen. At least they threw in a couple new characters this week from the other countries who sent astronauts in Zack McConnell and Amanti Patel. The latter can read fortunes, which created the only atmospherically interesting moment from my perspective. Next week, it looks like the Real Time Walk Through West Texas arc begins.

Ishida is serious about work
It will surprise no one that this maid happens to be a man.

Ishida to Asakura

Hmm, a male character cross-dressing as a woman with large breasts. Where have I seen that before? Oh, in the exact same show. I guess the only reason I didn’t rate this episode any worse was because it had weak as hell Dr. Girlfriend vibes. There’s not much else to redeem this show is there?

Aoyama is a failure
You wasted 2 years of your life. Now go back home.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

I’ve pretty much given up on this show now. Maybe it can do something amazing, but I doubt it. The school wants to tear down Sakurasou because they want Mashiro to stop her best-selling manga and focus on painting. Meanwhile, absolutely no one has taken notice of the new building being constructed right next to Sakurasou. I wonder what that could be… Anyway, Nanami fails her audition, so she probably should have immediately went home after that. But she’s going to stick around for some reason. Ryunnosuke was also a dick when he was younger and deserved to be alone. What does Rita see in him? Why do I care?

Haruka is having a bad time
She realized the similarity her show had to Mitsudomoe


Haruka’s illness means that she can no longer read people’s minds for a brief period of time. Manabe tries to take advantage with his erotic delusions only to realize that it’s not as much fun if she isn’t embarrassed. Yuriko catches wind of Haruka’s situation and then forces her to go on a date with Manabe. I actually thought this episode was really quite dark. The ending was one thing, but Haruka’s mother still lurks in the events of this show. Plus, Yuriko seems like she is planning something manipulative with her that she has hidden well. Hiyori’s punch while yelling Mori is wearing thin though. I didn’t think it was that funny to begin with.

It blows up
Symbolism for the writing of this story.

Little Busters!

Unlike the other Kud-centric episodes, this one was the perfect example of Maedaism©. It was just the fact that they were obviously dragging the episode out with a tragic ending anyone could see 10,000 miles away. They may as well have had a yellow ticker going across the bottom of the screen saying “The Rocket Will Blow Up.” Plus, how contrived was that scene where Riki was making a symbol on Kud’s back? It was like she was planning on him being there.

Nae cleans house
It almost feels as though you’ve killed thousands of people in alternative timelines.


Explosion, weird object, more explosions, blow shit up, Steins;Gate reference, sick girl turning heel, explosion, another Steins;Gate reference, girl inexplicably able to take out 4 armed men, guy living entirely on internet, conspiracy, sad girl crying. Place ingredients in blender. Puree. Pour into a trough. Serves 21 minutes and no people.

Updated Seasonal Ranking



This guy turns heel in a weak way.
You may be shocked, but a reincarnated Satanic version of this chap bursts Alien-style out of a woman later on.

Ninja Resurrection

If you want a plot synopsis for this week’s terribad, Wikipedia has you covered. I can tell you now that it reads like terribad fan fiction as well. There is one thing this two-part OVA does do right, the orchestral score is pretty good. The music director even appeared in the credits to Django Unchained as Tarantino picked another one of his pieces to grace that film. Surely this is the only time terribad anime and an Academy Award nominated film would be tied together. Also, there’s a ninja who fires a missile battery and another who transforms into a mecha. Those 17th century martial artists were so technologically advanced.

That’s enough time wasting for now. What you are really interested in was what I made of this horrifying experience. I’ll start by talking about the characters first. Yagyu Jubei worked fine as a character; didn’t seem evil or bad at all and was well rounded. Unfortunately, everyone else seems to be written with no consistency. Take Amakusa, for example. He’s held up as this ideal Christian who is willing to sacrifice himself to save many others. That is until he sees 2 kids decapitated heads, and he effectively says “fuck this shit” turns into a giant dragon beast and agrees to be reborn as Satan while his dismembered body is being raped by the daughter of his assistant. He’s supposed to be Ninja Jesus not someone with a personality as weak as pea soup.

That only covered the first episode which would have been solid 6 out of 10 material. The second half is a crime against fiction. Jubei does his nice guy act and introduces the two women close to him, who appear to be talented martial artists of their own. Then the two girls are sent off to be raped and brutally murdered. Because ninjas? That leads to a scene where a resurrected character uses his intestines as tentacles to kill a bunch of ninjas who were watching the city. That all leads up to a final conclusion where Amakusa bursts out of the guy’s daughter’s body and begins attacking people with his hair, all while 3 other guys just randomly slice through groups of people like hot knives through butter. The streets are flowing with blood as the 2nd episode comes to an end. The bad guys jump toward the camera, and that’s it.

It’s been a while since one of these terribad has been filled with a bit of the ultra-violence. That’s probably why this was licensed at one point. That fact alone is probably why Ninja Jesus wept. Christ Almighty this was horrible to watch. I can’t believe they would have Him turn into Satan in that fashion. I would have thought that He would have been reborn in a much more original way befitting Him. Instead He just looks like a clone of Pegasus from Yu-gi-oh. Fabulous, He is not.

Time of First Female Nudity: 31 minutes, 30 seconds into episode 1
Rating: 26/100