Pointless Debate #34: Watching with Anger

This is not that kind of uplifting post.
This is not that kind of uplifting post.

In the course of watching a series, it’s generally good if something leaves an emotional impact on the viewer. To be honest, I am rarely moved by something I’m watching unless I see that it is making an honest attempt to make a point. To give a recent example, I would point to Older Maid Sister’s speech in the 9th episode of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. While it lacks in cultural relevance on a basic level, the point was made that all people who try to improve their lives should be treated with respect. A nice positive, uplifting message that can appeal to a wide audience.

If you are looking for discussion of episodes like that, this post isn’t for you. Instead, I’m here to lower the tone of discussion and talk about the shows that made me angry. Not just because they were bad, but because they went beyond that. I wished for terrible things to happen to the characters. I didn’t want a happy end for these characters. Admittedly, these shows worked on a level that I didn’t drop them for one reason or another. It instead became the equivalent of cheering against Duke at basketball. The show may suck, but it’s popular enough to win some fans inexplicably like Duke. And finally, Fuck Duke.

Screw the feel good ending, arrest his ass for jumping the gate.
Screw the feel good ending, arrest his ass for jumping the gate.

The first series I would point to is the currently airing Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo. Over the course of the 22nd episode, at various times I was hoping that the protagonist Sorata would witness the girls who had feelings for him, Mashiro and Nanami, taken from him in classic NTR fashion, I hoped he jumped into the pit at a train station, hoped that Mashiro would board a train in a sort of reverse Casablanca scenario and much more. It just served as the inspiration of this post, but I think a lot of the anger had been building up over months. Here was a character who was given two girls who cared for him, and all he did was string one along and the other he emotionally abused. All the while, completely oblivious to the feelings of other people. There’s no way he should have friends after pulling something like that.

Although starting to look like a classic compared to one of its spinoffs, ChäoS;HEAd is another great example. It’s yet another one of those harem anime with a needlessly dense and useless protagonist. But the thing that set this apart came in the first moments of the series. With the world effectively destroyed, the series looked to be quite interesting. As it panned out, I was hoping for an apocalypse to take all of the characters out with the rest of civilization.

Now it may seem like I’m just picking on harem or romantic comedy, but there’s much more to it than that. Mouretsu Pirates constantly had me wishing for any danger to the cast, and that’s a show where there’s no romance other than Jenny and Lynn and whatever token yuri shipping the fanbase could come up with. And for manga fans there’s Kimi no Iru Machi, a story that almost no one likes anymore and is nicknamed Ragemachi in some circles. Yet, it’s getting a real adaptation from the revived corpse of Gonzo. In addition, there was also Canaan which had a world traveling protagonist who was so naive that I wished she would have been forced into a deep conversation with the character called Hakkoh. If you’ve seen it, you will know what I mean.

If you didn't remember, she inflicts unimaginable pain on people just by talking.
If you didn’t remember, she inflicts unimaginable pain on people just by talking.

So what does this all mean exactly? That I watch some shows with my heart on my sleeve and with so much passion that everything that is momentarily bad should no longer exist? I don’t think I would even go that far. Maybe small things build up after a while with such frequency cause me to just turn angrily against a show. Who knows, maybe it’s possible that they are doing the job that was intended.

If you have anything that has made you feel the same way, please contribute to the comments. It doesn’t even have to be an obscure show to warrant mention. If so, is there anything in particular that makes you actively hate the characters or setting of a series?

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  1. It’s actually kind of hard for me to get to a point in a series where I really hate a character. I tend to be relatively passive when it comes to characters that irk me, and they usually have to do something pretty offensive to warrant my hate.
    Funnily enough, romances tend to be the shows that have characters or settings I find myself hating. Junjou Romantica and Rumbling Hearts were two in particular that tended to have me wishing for some grand misfortune to befall certain characters. Hiroki Kamijou from Junjou had an annoying habit of not paying attention to and being a general butt to the one person who actually hung around him. Takayuki Narumi in Rumbling Hearts incurred my wrath for many a reason, but at the top of the pile is the fact he was dating his comatose girlfriend’s best friend, only to decide he wanted the best of both worlds once she woke up and he had to pretend to be her boyfriend again. The fact he actually has both girls clamoring for him is something that will forever be beyond me.

    1. I forgot about Takayuki, he was such a terrible human being. I sort of wish he ended up unhappy there. As for Junjou, I haven’t actually seen any of it, unfortunately.

  2. I think I am the exact opposite of you. I normally drop something shortly after characters start to annoy me, but I can definitely understand the feeling of causing them suffering.

    I sometimes want them to suffer because the aggravate me or because they get in the way of best ship, but there are times when I want characters to suffer simply because I want them to see suffering and pain.

    I am struggling to come up with examples, but I despised most of the teachers/other students in the Clannad Tomoya OVA.

    I kind of also want to see Chiwa from OreShura suffer miserably.

    1. Oh God yes, I wanted to inflict emotional suffering on all those teachers who wanted to keep Tomoyo and Tomoya apart. It was the only ship in Clannad I could tolerate tbh. In OreShura, I don’t find Chiwa too bad since she put in some effort to learn about Jojo.

      1. Yeah, I can’t hate Chiwa thaaaat much since I do feel sorry for her sometimes. And yeah, cause she wants to learn about JoJo. 😛

  3. Most of the stuff I get angry at comes from anime with dialogue that is either way too smug, too obtuse, or too disjointed. Urobuchi and Tomino are obvious offenders and you know how I felt about Kokoro Connect, but I also remember getting really mad during the Dark Myth terribad watch because the characters just wouldn’t stop talking and kept on saying proper nouns that annoyed me.

    Also, recently tried watching the 2nd episode of Katanagatari, but the long dialogue bored me. And then I got mad when a fight scene occurred and they kept on delaying it with more and more talking. Yeah, Nision is also a big offender when it comes to dialogue that gets under my skin.

    I’m also unable to contain my rage against anime that utilizes the cliche of “bullies causing drama”, which is why I never got into Beck or Accel World, and it’s one of the main reasons I couldn’t enjoy Guilty Crown ironically like other people do.

    1. I think you are looking at it in too much detail. This is more a base emotional level rather than analyzing the writing then hating it.

  4. I don’t know if it’s considered strange that I loathe 5cm per Second. While everyone’s pretty much slated for an unhappy ending, it’s all I hope for.

    1. I think I was more apathetic to that particular title, but that’s the feeling I’m talking about. Anything in particular that made you want it to end that way?

      1. Lack of initiative from all of the characters to tie in with their destined ones. :))

  5. I just get more apathetic towards a show when this type of thing happens.

    I don’t view Ano Hana as highly as others do because I stopped caring near the end. I wanted to strap Jinta to a chair and make him watch how much he was hurting his own group without realizing it, but the show was painting him in a more positive light than he should have been. It also didn’t help that I didn’t like his taste in women either.

    1. Now that’s the feeling I was looking for. Jinta’s too busy chasing ghosts to move on with his life along with someone who deeply cares for him. That’s pretty upsetting.

  6. “People die when they are killed.”

    Really? So could you just die already?

    Also each and every Beck character because being an asshole is perfectly justified if you’re on the side of “true music” unlike all those fools who follow any other genre than the one you are hooked on.

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