Photo Kano: A Quick Take

Target locked on.
This is the level of camera work you will get with this show.

A high school boy who is reasonably popular with girls gets a camera and is drawn into misadventures as he begins taking shots. Kazuya finishes off his summer vacation with doing his homework at the last minute and talks about the camera he got from his father. He then heads off to school with the camera and proceeds to take pictures of girls doing interesting things including his friend Nonoka. He is then scouted by the Photography Club to take perverted pictures and then by the Photo Club to take scenic pictures only to choose the latter. His day ends when he gets involved in a girl’s feelings.

Expectations were obviously pretty low going into this show. I was expecting a harem where the girls fall in love with Yuji Everylead with the camera. Ok, it actually looks like that only he solves these girls’ deep problems and then they go away never to be heard from again.

With this type of show, it’s best to start out with the production. For a show of this type, it looks fantastic. The budget definitely went into making the number of girls each look individually impressive. Apart from MC-kun, the boys could have been designed with my minimal artistic talent. That’s okay though because they are supposed to portray the dark side of photography. By that I mean, the stereotype of the guy taking pictures at Comiket.

As for the characters themselves, Nonoka stood out as the most interesting of those introduced, but even she didn’t have much background given. For the most part, you are left with just basic impressions of these characters that don’t go beyond their basic archetype. So apart from Nonoka, you have bicycle girl with comically improbable breasts, IMOUTO, token childhood friend, younger sister’s friend and Frau stand-in who happens to be in the perverted club.

The story itself pretty much captured the height of its ambition in the opening dream sequence. The grand target is having the girls pose in cosplay in front of a large crowd of photographers with Kazuya giving orders. Apart from that, this is clearly going to be a show of a main character solving the problems of people he happens to run into via his taking pictures.

Reasons to Continue Watching: Completely non-threatening school life setting and lots of attractive girls
Reasons to Drop: Bland characters and idealized perversion

My Verdict: I’ve managed to go the distance in Little Busters! and this looks better, so it gets at least another episode.

2 thoughts on “Photo Kano: A Quick Take”

  1. I had a strong interest in photography when I was younger, and still have a love of good photography and an interesting shot. So this show teases a little interest out of me. I’m still holding back though. I feel like this may be too shallow for what I’m hoping for, but there’s still time.

    By the way, I like the Reasons to drop and watch bullet points along with the verdict format that you’ve set up. I’m almost tempted to steal it. >;-)

    1. I can’t even say the bullet points are even original, but I can’t remember seeing them anywhere so who am I to stop you. I think if you put too much thought into it, it may turn out to be very shallow.

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