Muromi-san on the Shore: A Quick Take

No one will get the caption reference.
There are no such things as seagulls, they are just gulls.

A boy named Takurou catches a mermaid while out fishing and starts engaging in conversation with an eccentric character in the first episode of Muromi-san. This was a straight forward gag comedy of 12 minutes where the story was about a few days where Takurou would talk to Maromi-san about various topics of the day. In this case it was about starfish, jellyfish, predators and the state of the economy under water among other things.

Like I said above, this is a pretty standard gag comedy, so this is relatively easy to judge. If it got 3 laughs out of me then it was a keeper, so let’s run through the jokes.

1. The opening being in a sort of death metal esque sound as the cast does ridiculous things. I have to applaud the absurdity of it, and it kind of got a chuckle out of me.

2. Muromi eats Takurou’s bait. Meh.

3. The fish that Muromi pulls out of the sea communicate their situation. I have to admit the starfish talking about how much they look like shuriken did get a laugh out of me. The jellyfish talking later, not so much.

4. Muromi getting caught on the lure that already caught her. This was too telegraphed to have an impact on me.

5. Muromi being perverted when it came to antibiotic ointment and jellyfish stings. I laughed at both. I’m weak like that.

6. The Ryuuguujou being replaced by a shopping mall run by a massive conglomerate. This falls into the category of being funny because it’s true.

7. The egg fertilization joke. It would have been funnier had it not been ripped off from an episode of Futurama.

So that was four laughs by my own count, which means that it works in my mind. There wasn’t much as far as character development other than the implied mermaid falling in love with a human angle that was presented here. I expect the jokes to become much more grand in scale as the show continues.

Reasons to Continue Watching: Tamura Yukari stealing the show and decent social satire
Reasons to Drop: Jokes aren’t consistently funny and potential for the comedy well to run dry quickly

My Verdict: It hit my minimal standard for comedy shows, so I shall continue.