Zettai Bouei Leviathan: A Quick Take

This should be good.
Syrup arrives to cause problems

Three girls and a talkative fairy get into trouble in the first episode of Zettai Bouei Leviathan. This was a normal day in the fantasy world of Aquafall, and the troubles the trio of Bahamut, Jormungandr and title character Leviathan get into once the fairy Syrup shows up. By the end, they’ve been in a fight that tore apart a restaurant and were kicked out of town for causing trouble.

My first point of reference for this show was the Shining Hearts anime from last year. That’s mainly because the action consists of cute girls getting into various misadventures early on in the series. At least Shining Hearts got serious toward the end, even if it was to the detriment of all before. It was established pretty quickly that this will be a story about four girls getting into all sorts of trouble.

The main problem I had with this episode was the same as it was in Shining Hearts; there basically isn’t much happening and anything that does seems incredibly forced. In this episode, I was supposed to believe that the guy at the center of the conflict in this episode was so angry at being called a bad guy that he would track Syrup all over town and then cause a fight to break out in a restaurant. At the same time, he seemed rather level-headed for that to happen. I couldn’t believe in the plot in this episode and really just lost interest.

So what exactly is the point of this show anyway? Just looking at the cast list, it’s plainly obvious that it’s simply a vehicle for the individual voice actresses involved in the main cast. This first episode felt as much as free money for them after all. It’s got the whole, cute girls doing cute things vibe going on after all.

The biggest crime though was that this was the first show of the season that I’ve truly felt bored by. The fantasy setting wasn’t particularly special, the production quality was back to typical Gonzo level and these characters are just one-dimensional husks. I get it, Jormungandr is the strong one, Leviathan is the reliable one, Bahamut is the one who gets involved in too many things and Hanakana Syrup is the honest talking one who causes misunderstandings. It’s a simple formula, but there’s no heart in it at all.

Reasons to Continue Watching: High profile voice actresses and a fantasy setting
Reasons to Drop: Nothing of note happening and one-dimensional characters

My Verdict: This is a drop for the simple reason of nearly putting me to sleep.