Hataraku Maou-sama 05: Caught Between Two Places

Emi combines armor and formal business attire well here.

The 5th episode of Maou-sama saw some unusual alliances form as Emi, Ashiya and Maou combine to save the city from Lucifer’s reign of terror. The episode immediately began with the confrontation at the end of the last episode, and Maou deduced that Orba Meier from the Holy Church on Ente Isla was working with Lucifer. A battle then progressed throughout the city before Maou teleported to a location with many people around. He appeared to be mortally wounded, but the despair of the people around him brought his powers back. The final battle occurred as Chiho watched and afterwards Maou returned the city to its previous unharmed state before returning to work in his quest to win Employee of the Month.

Why bring a bag to vomit in?
No caption could do this justice.

Prior to watching this episode, I was caught in two minds about where this series had gone wrong. Either it could have stuck to the social commentary angle of how life is hard for outsiders without any sort of social support or it could continue on the angle of great people who were no longer great. In the aftermath of this episode, they’ve gone in another direction. Maou wants to stay on Earth, but the situation in Ente Isla will dictate that he has to return to save humanity from itself.

Why wasn't this set in America?
Orba Meier showing off the Earth version of God Mode.

It’s going to take most of the series to get to that point, so instead there’s going to be plenty of filler. Expect lots of Maou and Emi pretending not to get on while Chiho shows herself to be more of a force to be reckoned with than expected. Lucifer will also take on the henchman role as well. At the same time, expect some mentions of how bad life is getting on Ente Isla as the Holy Church continues to be corrupt without Maou around.

No holding back here.
This is going to hurt.

Now, for the episode itself, I thought it was quite an entertaining watch. I think it finally captured Maou’s determination to stay on Earth. That all it took was for some people to give him a place to live, a job and a high school girl madly in love with him is pretty remarkable for being rather unremarkable. I mean think about it. He simply has basic needs met; a roof over his head, a place that allows him to earn money and feeds him, plus people who love him. Maou’s definitely more human than we thought.

This relationship is complicated.
You probably shouldn’t tell the girl who always thinks of you that you can make her forget about you.

Then there’s Emi’s role in this episode. It’s rather interesting that she now continues to hang around since Maou is pretty much okay living on Earth. Maybe it has to do with how easily someone from the Holy Church was able to work with evil for his own personal gain. I’d like to think it actually has to do with life on Earth. Modern Japan is peaceful, she has people who care for her because she’s Emi and not the Hero, Emilia and there’s nothing like the internal politics of Ente Isla for her to get stuck in. Her mission was to kill Maou and return to a peaceful world back home, but instead she found her peaceful world included Maou.

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  1. Bald Hitler with a Gun. NAZI CONSPIRACIES!

    I agree with most of your sentiments for this episode. Like you, I found it enjoyable that Emi is finally coming into terms of what Mao has decided to do and be. Before it was all about the mission and her somewhat one-sided rivalry with Mao, but now it’s all about exploring what Mao can be, and what she can be, if not for Mao then for the people who became endeared to her.

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