Hataraku Maou-sama 06 – The Lesser Known Phone Hacking Scandal

Among swimsuit photos, this is probably among the worst.
The horror, the horror…

Maou, Ashiya, Chiho and Emi go on a late-night adventure at Chiho’s school in a quest to solve a school mystery in the 6th episode of Maou-sama. With a conspiracy raging in Ente Isla, Maou celebrates his promotion to shift supervisor at work with some restaurant fare with Ashiya. However, his money is quickly being evaporated by his new roommate Urushihara (Lucifer). In continuing their quest for more magic, Ashiya and Maou head to a high school where Chiho happens to be a student. Emi joins them in an attempt to stop them from regaining their magic, but eventually they find that the whole thing was just a ruse.

Stairs are dangerous.
New girl? Check.

This was about the type of episode I was expecting last week. There’s only two moments in this episode that pertain to the long term plot. Those would be the discussion of killing Emilia back in Ente Isla, and the appearance of the woman at that discussion at the door of Maou’s apartment. So as much as the landlord’s disgusting photo and Maou’s promotion to shift supervisor may seem like plot events, they’re really irrelevant. I think this qualifies as your standard mid-season non-event episode.

Emi slices through the enemy.
Well done Hero.

So the question I have to ask on the back of that is how good was this episode? Basically in the brief time after watching this episode, I’m quickly forgetting many of the details of this episode. I think come the end of the season this episode won’t matter at all. I don’t think there was any character development in this episode either. So if you are marathoning this episode from home, you can skip this episode.

Don't interrupt someone mid-ship
Warning: Shipping in Progress

Now as for the stuff I did find interesting in this episode, there was the re-introduction of Urushuhara now as a NEET, and a pretty lazy stereotype as well in using those around him for personal gain. However, he did help in that bit of phone hacking, but where did Maou get the money to pay for that? Chiho’s friend at high school is into shipping men she’s never met. The burger restaurant’s jalapeno fries sound like an interesting idea. You get the idea, these are all minor points, but that’s what stick in my mind. Next week has to do better with the new girl.

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