The Return of the Recap 37


I’ve really been thinking hard about this blog lately. Mainly the new season is coming up and on some sites there are polls where the audience is asked what shows should be blogged for the coming season. My big concern is that if I were to do something similar I’d end up with around 4 votes total. I’ve dealt with the relative unpopularity of this place before, but from a perspective of someone writing for an audience it makes it hard.

I can put it down to a single word: expectations. I basically do not have any. No one is holding me to any sort of standard. So I could just post a pile of horribly argued garbage filled with strawmen and it wouldn’t matter a bit. It really makes me wonder if I’m actually any better of a writer than I was when I started this back in 2008. So while I do enjoy writing, I guess I question whether it is doing me any good here. Especially with completely dropping the posts on Maou-sama and no one saying a word on it.

Anyway, on to the actual weekly recap. I’m actually getting really tired of writing on the shows that continue to be bad every week, so I’m going to a top 5 and a list of the rest. If there’s terribad, I’ll throw that in too. If anyone comes in expecting me to cover all 11 shows, you probably should have said something at some point. These will probably be more detailed in later weeks if they stick around, but for now, it’s probably best for my state to only stick to the normal level of detail. Sorry everyone.

Currently Airing Top 5

Just go with the name she's saying.
Yes, Yuzu is trying to make you cry.


This was easily the most perverted episode to date, but it also expands on the secondary trio of girls in their class. Eventually it looks like it’s going to turn into a six-character show and I think they did well to introduce Fumi and Kei. Meanwhile, Yukari and Yuzu get obsessed by making Mom-sensei cry. She only cries in certain types of movies though. And I can’t ignore the last line in the episode when Kei tells Yui to touch Chiho’s chest because it’s amazing.

Nice armor.
Nonoka is a true warrior.

Photo Kano

The team behind this series is having a lot of fun with these single episode stories. There are a lot of visual gags in this episode. My favorite was the samurai gag after Nonoka’s challenge. They transform into period costumes and after that gag ends they are still briefly wearing those afterwards. This isn’t a very sketchy episode either, and apart from a few moments early on those have been largely absent. Yet, I’m still questioned on why this isn’t just another fanservice heavy terribad anime. I’d write a post, but that would go unread.

It doesn't end in the way you think.
Someone finally jumps!

Date A Live

The story finally kicks into something that resembles a final battle. Shido threatens to kill himself to save Kurumi, Kurumi kills one of her other selves only to show her true power in front of Mana then Kurumi uses her time shifting power and suddenly everyone is trapped when Kotori shows up to save the day. This series can do drama better than most series in this genre and Kurumi’s character mercilessly killing people has made it dark in a good way.

That gate has stopped many.
Just jump the gate, come on.

Hataraku Maou-sama!

So I’ve silently dropped this from weekly individual posts. The reason for that is I don’t want to keep writing the same thing over and over this week. If anything from this episode is memorable, it would be Ashiya’s story he invented to explain the back story between Maou, Ashiya and Emi to Rika. That took plenty of thought and imagination to have that somehow make sense. The rest of the actual story seems to be heading to an obvious showdown between the guy at the chicken place and Emi while Suzuno puts pressure on her to kill Maou. There’s just no more focus on the mundane anymore, and it’s a shame for it.

Mastered that in a single day.

Hayate! Cuties

This week’s episode was the Ruka episode. She would be the aspiring mangaka/idol who happens to have feelings for Hayate like everyone else. I think there really wasn’t much for Manglobe to screw up in this week’s episode. It’s a fairly tight story where she has to learn how to ride a bike and Hayate teaches her in the hardest way possible and then Hayate has to step in and cross-dress in order to step in as a backup dancer for her. The character designs still look horrible, but less so in Ruka’s case. I figure they will be back to screwing up Ayumu’s story next week.

The Rest of the Week

6. Muromi-san

7. Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

8. Aiura

9. Oreimo.

10. Gargantia

11. Oregairu

Updated Seasonal Average Weekly Ranking

  Season Rank Overall Rank
Hataraku Maou-sama 1 1
Yuyushiki 2 2
Suisei no Gargantia 3 5
Photokano 4 7
Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W 5 8
Date A Live 6 12
Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties 7 16
Oregairu 8 17
Oreimo. 9 18
Aiura 10 24
Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san 11 25
Attack on Titan (dropped) 12 26
Space Brothers (dropped) 10


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  1. I couldn’t see myself doing a poll to see what show I should blog. For one, I generally don’t watch what people tell me to watch. If I did, I’m sure I’d be saying shows like Fate/Zero and Nyaruko are the greatest by now. Secondly, I’m like you and I’m sure I wouldn’t get much of a vote.

  2. You still have readers around I assure you. In my case I haven’t been commenting much because you’ve dropped the series I’m watching this season.
    Regarding the voting, I think you should just choose whatever you think will appeal most to you. I think you’d quickly be bored writing if you let your readers decide what to blog.

  3. We’re still around, yes. Re: voting, don’t you think it’s better to write your honestly thought of opinions on a show you follow rather than concoct a rough equivalent of one for a show that you don’t?

    1. I’d still be following it, even if it wasn’t of my own choosing. That said, I never did say that having others choose for me was a subjectively good idea.

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