The Return of the Recap 41

Oh, you thought you could get away from Origami this week did you?
Oh, you thought you could get away from Origami this week did you?

Sigh. It’s a week where someone forgot to tell these people that their final episodes were this week. The amount of mailing-in was at historic levels for a week that should have concluded this week. Instead, the creative talent decided to go on summer vacation and sent in whatever they could get in as a conclusion. Anyway, as a courtesy to you my loyal single reader, I’m going to put in a bit more effort than that on recapping the week in shows I watched. Not much more than that though.

Currently Airing Top 5

Kirino and her magical girls...
An otaku is born.



This wasn’t even a particularly good episode to be honest. It’s basically the story of Kirino being full blown bro-con from the very beginning. When Kyousuke can’t live up to her inflated ideals, she turned to her imouto games to try to seek comfort. I don’t even know what the point of this episode was this week, but the fact it is here really says a lot about everything else I watched this week.

Kisaki should have had a larger role.
Talk about sticking the boot in.


Hataraku Maou-sama!

Urushihara buys too much dumb stuff off of the internet and the fact that he has a legal guardian means they can return it. That’s the full extent of the drama in the final episode of Maou-sama. There’s really nothing to this episode other than it feels like they were obligated to make a 13th episode so they could get yet another disc out to make more money. That happens a lot now.

Hina does something I guess.
It’s always trouble when she gets involved.



Hachiman gets his entire team disqualified because Hachiman. This was yet another 13th episode designed to kick out an extra disc for sale. It’s the school festival and all of the characters stay true to type. What was the point?

Ice cream is not worth having to try.
Chiho can’t be arsed.



This was an episode that really contained nothing more than the characters having fun with ice cream and an outing at the beach. It’s really one of those DVD extra episodes that I can’t accuse of being commercial exploitation because this was only episode 12. I suppose there wasn’t really a better way for this series to wrap up than a completely inconsequential episode like this. I only with that they would have paced the series better to take it into a third year in school.

What this series has left now.
Hasuta x Mahiro OTP


Nyaruko-san W

A typical love potion scenario is the penultimate episode of the 2nd season of Nyaruko-san. I can’t say it particularly fails at that this week, but it’s really hard to do that anyway. All it takes is to contrive to have the characters express their true feelings, then act in the most exaggerated way their character acts as possible. Yet, the fact that Nyaruko was able to maintain control is a bit of a plot hole here, but when has solid writing ever been present in Nyaruko. This is the series that mocks how badly written it is.

The Rest of the Week

Hot springs are for the week. Hot lava is where real people go.
Hot springs are for the week. Hot lava is where real people go.

6. Muromi-san – A decent final episode ruined by the need to cram sex jokes in at the worst time.
7. GargantiaDisappointingly way too much like watching the end of Transformers in the worst way.
8. Photo KanoImouto episode with the need to assert that they aren’t blood related so that’s okay. If only they had mentioned that before.
9. AiuraThey should have mocked Steve Jobs dying of cancer in the episode in addition to the OP.
10. Hayate! CutiesThey had to go and remind people that the previous season actually happened. Why Hata, why?

Updated Seasonal Average Episode Ranking

Season Rank Overall Rank
Hataraku Maou-sama
1 1
Yuyushiki (complete)
2 3
Suisei no Gargantia 3 6
Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W 4 7
Photokano (complete)
5 8
Date A Live (complete) 6 13
Oreimo. (complete)
7 14
Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san (complete)
8 16
Oregairu (complete)
9 18
Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties 10 20
Aiura (complete)
11 24
Attack on Titan (dropped) 12 27
Space Brothers (dropped) 11

Terribad this week was a repeat this week. So I shall be spending next weekend wandering around parts of the greater Los Angeles area looking rather out of place. Yes, that’s even amongst anime fans because I’m like that. So I’ll be spending my time until then getting some initial takes in on first episodes of the spring before I’m whisked away. So until then, enjoy getting a weekend away from me.

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  1. The dying art of a good ending (as opposed to the “let’s leave the ending open in case BD and merchandise sales are good enough to merit a second season. Worst case scenario we shove an OVA only episode in the in the final BD so if they want to watch the ending they have to buy it”) is unfortunately widespread. I’m off to re-watch the final episode of Gunbuster to remember what it’s like to have actually have an ending.

    1. That’s a good choice for an ending. The way they worked that into Diebuster managed to not ruin the finality of it all.

      1. I thought that the way they got Diebuster’s and Gunbuster’s ending to click was absolute genius. I wonder if they actually started with that idea and worked with it as an end goal.

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