Servant x Service: A Quick Take

Just part of the job.

A trio of new civil servants spend their first days on the job at the local health and welfare office in this first episode. Yamagami, Miyoshi and Hasebe come to terms with a job that requires them to be scolded by members of the public and their own supervisors. They manage to find their footing quickly in a lighthearted way.

There were a couple of problems I found with this first episode. Hasebe must be among the most unlikeable characters in a comedic role that I can remember. He doesn’t even have to try yet he is good at his job. He slacks off all the time and tries to pick up women at work. Since the romantic flags are set all over his relationship with Yamagami, this becomes a problem.

Frankly, no one will like a comedy where the hard working woman falls in love with an asshole man because it’s too cynical. Hasebe has to change for that to work. Otherwise we may be subjected to endless taunting by Hasebe of calling her by her abbreviated given name.

Also, it happens to take Miyoshi out of the picture. She was part of the group joining on that day, but she’s already been relegated to secondary character status. It feels like a waste of a character.

As for production quality, if you’ve seen Working! it’s on par with that. A-1 seems remarkably consistent at delivering series that above average in visual and audio production. Unfortunately, the source material leaves only so much bending room.

Reasons to Continue Watching

    • Yamagami feels like the perfect lead for this show
    • A somewhat optimistic look at work as a civil servant
    • The same kind of workplace dynamic seen in Working!

    Reasons to Drop

      • Hasebe is not a good male lead for this sort of show
      • Unrealistic portrayal of civil service life
      • Some characters used very poorly

      My Verdict: What can I say? It’s a grownup Working!. I happened to like that show, so I’m going to keep going here. I’m curious what they will do once this leaves the office.

      4 thoughts on “Servant x Service: A Quick Take”

      1. You’re right about Hasebe. They better fix him up fast in order for this show to work. It’s a shame because Lucy is a very likeable lead.
        As someone who once worked in a public service office and who has a ridiculous second name(should probably blame my parents but the civil registrar’s office should have pointed out to them that I’d one day be an adult), I feel duty bound to follow this series to it’s end.

        1. I think that bit with Lucy’s name really captured the fact that civil servants have this tendency to either be overworked or lazy depending on how you look at it. I don’t think ridiculous second names are too bad unless you have to fill them in on a form or ugh, it comes up in conversation.

          As for Hasebe, I’m actually really pessimistic on his personality.

      2. I liked the first episode okay, but it didn’t seem more than passably funny. I did like the way they used the setting as a source of humor, though. This is something that I never thought Working achieved. The source of the humor there was always the craazy characters. Here there was a real attempt made to find humor in the job itself. I’ll certain continue to watch it at this point to see how things go.

        1. Working was the sort of show where you could set it in any work environment and you would pretty much have the same show anyway. I still think this is more crazy characters than workplace as the source of comedy, but less so than Working. Also, I think you have more crazy people going in to a health and welfare office than you would in a family restaurant that isn’t open 24 hours a day.

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