Diabolik Lovers: A Quick Take

The ceiling on that second floor must literally be 3 feet high.
The ceiling on that second floor must literally be 3 feet high.

The fall season’s first entry leaves me with a bit of regret in that I don’t think I can adequately put all my feelings to paper on this one. Very rarely do I feel like something can be made that goes out of its way to insult its target audience, treat them like absolute scum and yet still be able to reliably make money off of them like they are some sort of masochistic ATM. If I had even given a certain streaming site the pleasure of giving them ad money, I would have felt terrible that it was going to fund this stuff, but I didn’t. That said, even the visual novel this is based on is even worse than I imagined.

So I’m going to start off with the scenario because why not? The premise begins with the vulnerable and naive protagonist Yui thrown into a house with 6 vampires because plot. She spends the whole opening episode being insulted by six of them being insulted and attacked in all sorts of implied rapey ways. Considering the history of the genres, it really felt like Yui should have been thrown in with zombies rather than vampires, but zombies aren’t “cute” enough. I generally associate zombies with the whole seduction and/or liberation from patriarchal society. This just reverses that in the worst possible way. Ok helpless girl, you shall spend the whole series being dominated by lecherous, empty, but attractive men who reinforce that you have no power and mean nothing to them beyond implied sex.

As for the rest of the first episode, I think it goes without saying that its really easy to lose attention when the characters are expositioning themselves all over the screen. It makes it really easy to spot the architecturally impossible rooms in this house that the seven of them will now share. Or the fact that despite being rich, none of the vampires can seem to afford buttons or complete pant legs for both sides. I know it’s the trendy thing for male characters these days to be designed like this, but why can’t they make one conventionally dressed character into one of these monsters. If you are going to have a sexist character, you may as well have them wear a nice suit. That’s all I’m saying on that.

Reasons to Continue Watching

  • Yui gets what she deserves, you monster.
  • Yui gets what she deserves, but those vampires are so dreamy.
  • Yui gets what she deserves and it adds money to the bank accounts of those who would make more of this, so keep spending.

Reasons to Drop

  • You have a soul.
  • You possess empathy or at the very least have a sense of morality.
  • You make economic decisions based on whether the quality of a series rather than squeeing at ‘cute’ vampire boys.

My Verdict: Girls and for that matter anyone who wants decent vampire anime would be better served watching Shiki even though it wasn’t in my realm of taste. They deserve much better than to be insulted. That masochist cat character from Senyuu. is supposed to be a parody of masochistic people. Yet, the creators of this think that wallets will be emptied for them by abusing their audience. For humanity’s sake, I hope they are wrong.

3 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers: A Quick Take”

  1. You’re right about that ceiling. I never noticed it before, but yeah. Also, I can’t stand this show, it’s really beyond the normal degree of sexism you see in anime and there’s only so much I can take. This is one of the first times I’ve watched an anime where the girl is more likable than any of the guys around her. Also, not one of them is really attractive in the first place! The animation makes them all look off, and their clothes design detracts from them just as much as their abominable attitudes and personalities. Even the “cute young one” is pretty much irredeemable. I can’t really stand it.
    I like this show for 3 minutes, and then the first guy talked and it went straight to the dropped bin.

    1. I think they made Yui so much more likable than the men because they want to destroy her. I can’t stand to watch more either. It’s an evil show that treats its fans with contempt.

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