Golden Time: A Quick Take


Tada Banri’s first day at a Tokyo law school begins by getting lost on the way to the opening ceremony only to find himself sucked into the misadventures of others by the time the day is up. He first finds a new friend in Mitsuo, who like him is also attending the university to get away from something. That proves to be a girl who sees herself as Mitsuo’s fiance called Kouko, who introduces herself by slapping Mitsuo in the face with a bouquet of flowers. She later appears in the same lecture as the two of them since there was absolutely no way she would let Mitsuo get away. Banri is eventually left on his own and runs into two other girls while thinking about his real goal of falling madly in love with a girl. Will he manage to get there?

The easiest thing to point to in this first episodes is the characters. The protagonist Banri is pretty much a blank slate as far as a character really only knowing that he seems to fall for girls quite easily and is also hopelessly naive with women as well. The unusual thing about him seems to be the flashback at the end when he is run down on a bridge by a moped. The others seem to consist of cowardly friend (Mitsuo), stalker girl (Kouko), token legal loli (Chinami) and mysterious older girl (Linda). Future episodes are going to have to open up these characters to change which will probably come from some forced drama.

With the setting being a university, the obvious comparisons have to be made with shows like Genshiken and Moyashimon and I think it just about captured the spirit of the atmosphere on campus in a realistic sense. It’s a time of trying to find one’s self and explore new things. It may be as simple as falling in love as Banri wants to, changing one’s course in life like Mitsuo and Kouko have done or joining new clubs and meeting new people in the process. It’s not completely immersive like those other two series I mentioned above, but given time it may get there.

As far as production is J.C. Staff don’t appear to have spent a lot of money in making this. That’s a shame as it’s the first new show this season that has cut some corners. In no way can I say that it is awful looking (glances at Infinite Stratos 2). Though I would have otherwise skipped them, the opening and ending songs and animations are pretty mediocre and not the god-awful I had assumed beforehand.

Reasons to Continue Watching

  • There’s plenty of fuel for shippers out there
  • It seems like Banri may have an interesting back story
  • A pretty good college atmosphere from what is shown

Reasons to Drop

  • The potential for lots of forced drama is definitely high
  • Banri’s back story may prove to be Key-esque
  • The cast may prove to not be worth fleshing out after all

My Verdict: This was definitely not as bad as I thought it would be going in. It may turn out to be a cute love drama where Banri does find true love in unexpected places. This is scheduled for 24 episodes so I can’t imagine it will be fast-paced at all. It’s interesting enough for me to keep watching.