Outbreak Company: A Quick Take

oc01aAfter passing an otaku test in applying for a job, Shinichi finds himself sent to another world where he is to aid Japan’s diplomatic relations with a newly discovered fantasy world. Shinichi wakes up after his interview to be woken up by his new maid Myuseru, who happens to be half-elf/half-human and given a brief introduction to his new world by his bosses Jinzaburou and Minori from the Japanese government. He settles in pretty quickly until he meets the ruler and his otaku tendencies kick in.

As far as self-insert characters go, Shinichi fits the mold perfectly. He’s young, into anime and has no prior successes in life prior to the start of this series. He went full blown NEET after his confession to his childhood friend was emphatically rejected because he was an otaku. That incident apparently turned him into some sort of super otaku that could answer 200 questions on moe in the space of 5 minutes, which is all it takes to become an ambassador to a foreign world.

Other than the main character being a self-insert, the rest of the cast does seem fairly solid. Myuseru seems to be the key to addressing some sort of social problem that is happening in this world since she is of a race that does not get treated that well. Minori looks like the type of character who tolerates little, and even Petrarca the queen of this world seems like a pretty interesting character beyond just being the token loli character.

As far as the production quality goes, it was fairly impressive. It’s hard to expect real money to be spent on a show with a self-insert harem lead being sent to another world where he does otaku stuff for fame, but that’s what Feel have done. The new world is vivid, the musical selection is noticeably impressive as well (except one track that seems lifted from Popee the Clown, though that could be a plus in some eyes), and the action scene of Shinichi calling Petrarca a little girl was done well too.

Reasons to Continue Watching

  • It’s fun with a character who is not serious at all
  • There may be good usage of social commentary in this
  • Surprisingly high production quality

Reasons to Drop

  • The main character is a bit stupid
  • There’s a temptation to just turn all of the characters into 1-dimensional tropes
  • The premise is just ridiculously absurd.

My Verdict: I was going in expecting this show to be really stupid. To be honest, it was, but I was smiling throughout the whole episode. The teacher Shinichi had as a kid was awesome and taught him one of those unteachable lessons that good teachers provide. That it is paying off in this way is dumb, but I’m willing to let it go because there’s a lot of potential for this to be a fun ride. I’m actually going to continue this one.