Strike the Blood: A Quick Take

stb01aKojou happens to be a vampire with legendary powers trying to live a normal high school life until he’s followed one day by a middle school girl named Yukina. She is threatened by two local demons who she beats up only to have Kojou break up the fight and take her wallet when she leaves. The two reunite the next day and go to lunch where they delve into how they got to the point of having burgers in a diner despite not knowing each other until the previous day.

This show clearly fancies itself as an Indexlike show with supernatural beings instead of some contrived scientific explanation. The first indication of that is the fact that there is lots of exposition. Like Dan Brown having his characters talk about the plot to each other levels of exposition. So you end up with ridiculous scenes where a middle school girl and high school boy are in a diner talking in public about how the latter has the power of a military force and the girl is assigned to stalk him. It’s pretty obvious that’s how the rest of the show will be. All characters explaining how they got to this island that was constructed well off the coast of Japan for the sake of plot.

As far as the characters, they are pretty much utterly laughable. Kojou is clearly a poor man’s Kamijou Touma, though to his credit he manages to go the whole episode with out punching a woman in the face. He does kill one in a flashback though. Yes, he’s unfortunate at everything and his power activates when he gets aroused, but that’s just light novel trope. Yukina goes from a powerful presense who can handle herself to a hopelessly naive middle school girl who needs to be protected from the world in the space of a few minutes. Even going into her back story is ridiculous because the synopsis even says that she’s there “for some reason.”

As far as production goes, it’s about what one would expect from Silver Link. Nothing horrible and nothing great either. The ending, which might be one of those that’s actually the opening is pretty bad though. There was also a little two much attention on Yukina’s panties and wallet. She’s in middle school for heaven’s sake.

Reasons to Continue Watching

  • There’s lots of stuff going on with the history of this show’s universe in a Horizon sort of sense
  • Yukina could still turn out to be a decent character
  • For those people out there who desperately need their Touma fix and were disappointed with the recent movie’s 1-punch in the face effort, this can reduce the withdrawal symptoms

Reasons to Drop

  • The characters love talking about the plot at each other
  • Yukina turns into a servant rather quickly
  • The best characters in the show are probably Kojou’s ‘friends’ who stick him with the bill at the restaurant.

My Verdict: Given how obviously this is a poor man’s Index combined with the intelligence of something like Angels and Demons, I’m going to have to give a pass on this.

2 thoughts on “Strike the Blood: A Quick Take”

  1. At this rate, I think I’m just gonna let you take the bullet on all these shows that I think are crap, but don’t want to expend the bandwidth to find out. Though I do like the print on Yukina’s panties, as you said, she’s under-aged. And I’m sick of anything with vampires in it right now, aside from the Monogatari series.

    1. It’s not so much the vampire aspect that is the problem, it’s basically forcing the audience to like an all-powerful character that has the same attitude as Index’s Touma that is.

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