Yuushibu: A Quick Take

yuushibu01aRaul’s dreams of becoming a hero were shattered as the Demon Lord was defeated just as he was completing training and he now fills his time doing menial work at a department store. He’s low on the totem pole as far as work is concerned, but his luck changes when Phino, the child of the defeated Demon Lord. Getting Phino up to speed on how to act in sales proves to be a difficult task and he has to rely on his experience to do so. After a small accident with a magical humidifier, Raul discovers that Phino is the Demon Lord’s daughter. Hilarity ensues.

Or at least I wish it did. What actually turns out to be the case is a low-budget take on a combination of Maoyuu and Hataraku Maou-sama only much, much worse. Let’s just get started on the pairs of objects that seem to appear most on screen. Now, large breasted girls in fanservice oriented are nothing new, but there’s usually a level of consistency involved in the character designs. In this episode, Phino basically goes from a short little boy to an above average height woman with comically proportioned breasts. The reason for this is simple. Because anime.

In addition to Lawson seemingly throwing their money away on helping to produce this, they have a nearby convenience store in this series universe. One of the girls who works there wears a form fitting shirt that I don’t think is possible to wear in any universe complete with Lawson branding on it. Way to build a positive brand image.

Most disappointingly of all, this series had the possibility of dealing with a difficult subject in a good way. What do nations do with soldiers when wars are over? The answer would be to make them work in poor workplace romantic comedies that don’t reflect the real struggles of those who have to adapt. It’s not even worth talking about that anymore. It’s really just Working! with no jokes and all of the girls lusting over this floor salesman because that’s just the way things are.

Reasons to Continue Watching

  • Quite possibly the ‘classiest’ show of the season
  • The magical technology in this show is wonderfully antiquated
  • The old creepy dude is one big Star Trek reference

Reasons to Drop

  • The best action scene is terribly animated and Asread clearly spent most of their money on that.
  • Character designs aren’t consistent, even between scenes.
  • Completely symbolic of everything wrong with light novel adaptations

My Verdict: Unless I end up writing about this series ironically somewhere else, I shall be staying the hell away from this series for some time.


6 thoughts on “Yuushibu: A Quick Take”

  1. When I saw the old dude come out with the red shirt, I had to Google NCC-1701 to see if that really was a reference. A terrible shame he didn’t get killed, especially after the sexual harassment he pulled. That would have made for a good punchline to the reference instead of just… that. It went nowhere. I hope he comes back and gets killed at some point.

    Also, I had a similar thought about dealing with abandoned veterans. Perhaps this world is run by the GOP, considering they were pretty much abandoned, with no resources to find new careers or to deal with their PTSD? That could have been a fun avenue to follow.h

    1. Yeah, I can’t recall the last comedy series I watched that had a 0% success rate on the jokes. Everything didn’t work. I don’t think it even warrants further examination on its substance because it’s so awful.

  2. Why do you think this show has low budget by the way? I have seen nothing to indicate this to be the case, besides it being a late-night TV anime (because basically all late-night TV anime have low budgets compared to day-time TV).

    1. I just stopped it in the middle of the episode to take a screenshot of this. This background is off as far as the shading is concerned and the perspective also seems wrong as far as the sales stickers on the TVs. I can’t really say for sure that it was low-budget, but little was done to hide what appeared to be rushed visuals throughout the episode. It’s just my take on the subject, and you’re entirely free to disagree with me on it.

      1. I have no opinion on the screen cap above besides that you can probably make a screen cap of this nature with every first episode that aired this past week. It also ignores the rest of the episodes…?

      2. Actually, I don’t really mind if you think certain scenes are poorly done. That’s great, you should point it out.

        But to call it ‘low budget’ or ‘low production value’ is misleading because it’s simply not the case.

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