Log Horizon: A Quick Take

loghor01aShiroe wakes up to find himself in a version of an MMORPG called Elder Tale along with several thousand other Japanese players and unable to escape. He adapts to his world quickly and gathers two of his old companions Naotsugu, a tank character, and Akatsuki a girl playing as a male assassin which is quickly changed via a potion. Several guilds are after him for his services since he is well known for his exploits with a group that was non-affiliated with a guild. First, they have to figure out how combat works in this new world to potentially dangerous effect.

So it’s another one of these stories where people get stuck in an online game and have to deal with the consequence. At least there’s some mystery as to what actually happened in the outside world. Also, there doesn’t seem to be some way for the hero to gain admin privileges in the most bullshit way possible, but I digress.

Considering this is a game world, there are all sorts of things with the production quality that I can take as a given. The rooms inside the Crescent Moon Alliance look pretty bland looking, but it’s at least somewhat consistent with how the rest of the world looks so that’s okay. Outside, there’s attention paid to how certain areas of Akihabara would look if they had laid in ruin for several decades.

The characters in the episode were pretty bland. Shiroe is obviously a self-insert character into this RPG world. The amount of time he takes navigating menus does wear a bit as the GUI seems poorly designed. Based on this show’s universe, it does make some sort of sense that he is the leader. They did enough after all to establish that he has the ability to do so. Naotsugu seems like one of those friends who is embarrassing to have around others. Conveniently he appears after logging in for the first time in two years because the plot dictates it. Akatsuki appears to be the token girl in the party and thankfully she isn’t lusted after as much as female characters in other “trapped in an online RPG” series. That she almost instantly turned into Shiroe’s servant was a bit worrying though.

Reasons to Continue Watching

  • Distinct lack of an absurdly evil villain whose sole purpose is NTR-related
  • The main characters seem like real people
  • There’s not as much exposition as one would think

Reasons to Drop

  • Too much time spent navigating menus
  • The secondary characters already seem really poor
  • The reason this situation happened will probably never be adequately explained

My Verdict: Honestly, I liked it more than any of the episodes of Sword Art Online that I have seen. It unfortunately feels like there’s no edge to this series at all. There’s no real danger these characters will ever find themselves in, so they just sort of exist for no real reason. That is not something that is going to keep my attention beyond the first episode.

2 thoughts on “Log Horizon: A Quick Take”

  1. I don’t agree with all of your negatives here.

    1. I think (obviously this is just a guess) that the point of showing the menus so much in the first episode was to show how they need to STOP using them. By the end of the episode it appeared they had determined that the best way to fight was to NOT look at the GUI, so I think (I.e. ‘am guessing’) that the interface thing will basically disappear.

    2. I agree that the secondary characters (assuming you mean the guild they met) seem like very weak characters.

    3. I don’t think the final negative is quite fair, as that is a guess on your part. They might not explain it beyond, ‘it was the upgrade’, or they might explain it. Who knows?

    I think a fairer negative (that you brought up yourself) is that the artwork isn’t particularly captivating. That stupid show about the ambassador of Moe has FAR better artwork than Log Horizon, which is kind of pathetic.

    On the whole it wasn’t a terrible first episode, but it doesn’t really seem to be aiming for anything more than a B-.

    1. I think they were going for trying to capture an audience that wanted a show like Sword Art Online without having to answer for the incest/NTR/tentacle/plot dumbness of that series. So they just went with something perfectly safe. They are going for a C+ and hoping the sales can get it into B territory in my opinion.

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