Gingitsune: A Quick Take

gingitsune01aMakoto and the fox spirit that only she can see help solve the problems of people that ask for help in this supernatural series. Inheriting the power to see the spirit named Gintaro, Makoto uses his abilities to help tell fortunes and in this episode to find an injured cat that had gone missing. However, she takes his power for granted and the two fall out for a brief amount of time before finally coming back together in the end.

It seems kind of odd, but I did go into this having a standard set for how one of these animal spirits living in modern times series was supposed to look. This pretty much did what I was expecting in that regard. Gintaro was a big lovable, but socially awkward character that I can’t see how anyone could possibly hate. Just give him oranges and he’ll do whatever you want him to. The scenery was as vibrant as I expect from this kind of show. The characters are all perfectly safe including that girl who shoved her for accepting half of Makoto’s fortune.

Makoto and her father are about the characters I would expect from this show as well. She is a bag of conflicting emotions, but given that she is a high school girl whose mother died young and can see a large fox spirit that’s perfectly understandable. The father just stands around being the understanding dad that says bits of wisdom to steer Makoto in the right direction. Safety is the key thing with this series.

As far as the story is concerned, this is going to be rather episodic. Someone will have a problem, Makoto will solve it with Gintaro’s help. Sometimes some of his back story will be filled in on how he ended up alone at the shrine. The audience only really got to see how he came to like oranges so much. Why doesn’t he just tell Makoto the story? It’s so frustrating like that.

Reasons to Continue Watching

  • It doesn’t rely on fanservice to get the attention of the audience
  • It’s a perfectly safe show that one can watch in public and/or with children
  • Gintaro acts like a tsundere character all of the time

Reasons to Drop

  • Incredibly formulaic
  • Not the type of show for anyone looking for something challenging to the audience or even different
  • Sad things seem to get glossed over entirely

My Verdict: I’ve chosen to drop this not because it is bad or anything, but because it will struggle to hold my attention for its run. It really isn’t the type of show I’m interested in, but I’d recommend it to anyone who needs to distract young children with something to watch. In a crowded field this season, this show stands out for its wholesomeness and good positive attitude. So yes, I’m recommending a show that I’m dropping at the same time.