Meganebu!: A Quick Take

meganebu01aA group of 5 high school boys try to create X-Ray glasses so they can get their glasses club recognition during school eye tests. Led by Souma, the Meganebu now has their club meetings on the roof of their all boys school. They burn with a passion in their attempt to create X-Ray glasses for the purpose of seeing through women’s clothing. They get an opportunity to show off what they are able to do when their club advisor and teacher Shirogane announces they are having vision tests. That means that in their minds a woman eye doctor and a cute female nurse would be there to show off their work. Or would they?

The first thing that one notices early on is the color palette. There are lots and lots of vibrant fluorescent colors all over the screen. It’s also a nice way to save some cost while also looking stylish not that I would ever accuse a show of having a low budget. There’s plenty of delusions coming from Souma including the nice giant glasses robot early in the episode. Plus, there’s a manga panel effort montage that occurs later in the episode in which the club ends up exactly where they started. It’s hard doing delicate electronic work up on a windy roof top after all.

Since this is a comedy, the characters are all whole unrepresentative of real people. It’s kind of an issue that their goal in this episode is perversion toward women while almost every action they take with each other goes in the opposite direction. From the group in this episode, I think I got the biggest insight into Souma with his visions of grandiose accomplishment and hatred of non-glasses wearers and of Hayato, the provisional member of the club who wears glasses only for appearance. The other three just seemed to fill the role of either being extremely dumb or in Mitsuki’s case yandere protective of Souma.

As for the story setup, this is just another one of those shows that involves a club that really does nothing. It’s just teenagers doing dumb teenager things with no supervision. I would be surprised if there is any lengthy plot arc in this show at all since it seems like a purely episodic comedy.

Reasons to Continue Watching

  • Artistically vibrant setting and characters
  • Has a larger target audience than it would first appear
  • There’s a mecha in the first episode

Reasons to Drop

  • Comedy may be too dumb for many people
  • Plot is entirely a non-factor in the actions of these characters
  • Two members of the club seem to only serve the purpose of being attractive

My Verdict: This did just enough to earn a 2nd episode for me. I guess the color palette continued to be noticeable for me even at the end of the episode so that worked for me. As far as the characters, I’m going to need a lot more from Takuma and Yukiya to warrant continuing. The taking off clothing gag to run involving those two was pretty poor, and hopefully that’s not the best they offer.

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    1. Now, I wouldn’t give that much praise. It hasn’t quite reached the level of Koike’s classic manga Red Bull 34. Maybe they need to throw in some Chinese exchange students who blow themselves up with glasses to make it better.

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