Walkure Romanze: A Quick Take

wr01aMio finds herself in all sorts of problems due to a horse called Sakura in the first episode of the visual novel adaptation of Walkure Romanze. Saved from the horse by the boy she likes, Takahiro, she tries to think of a way to get him to pay attention to her. Meanwhile, he is attracting the attention of the contenders in the school’s jousting tournament to serve as their begleiter as he was once a talented jouster himself before suffering an injury. Mio’s plan to make Takahiro a carrot-based lunch takes an unfortunate turn and she finds herself facing a joust duel with Bertille, an arrogant 2nd-year student.

This being a visual novel adaptation, there’s always a good chance that it is a harem series, and this one clearly is. Takahiro gets the attention of girls based entirely on his past glory rather than anything he has done recently. So they use the excuse of having him serve as their attendant rather than outright confessing their desire to bear his children. That latter tactic would just be too route one to really work as a series. Celia is clearly the top girl in this series since everyone views her that way, but the choice of the story leans toward Mio since she puts in the most effort at getting close to him. She doesn’t have the prestige of being a Knight, so she doesn’t have much to work with other than the school uniform being really easy to tear.

Anyway, just a couple points about the appearance of this series. First of all, the CG horse scenes look absolutely horrible. I’d probably like it more if they used drawings attached to a stick going across the screen than the CG they used in this episode. The character designs are fine for the most part. However, this being a series where there is jousting and medieval armor involved I had to pay attention to that. Out of those girls seen in this episode, there was maybe one girl who had armor that wasn’t design to kill her with any impact to the chest. Otherwise everyone else has breast accentuating armor that will direct all blows to breaking their sternum. Is it so hard to use realistic armor on women? Yes, I know it has to do with making the girls more suggestive, but they are wearing armor for heaven’s sake.

Reasons to Continue Watching

  • It fills that desperate void for “classy” harem series this season that hasn’t been filled enough yet
  • The characters are sufficiently silly at times for this to be a comedy
  • Jousting educational materials

Reasons to Drop

  • The military uniforms they wear at the school are made out of paper
  • Unrealistic armor for jousting
  • The harem lead doesn’t really do anything other than turn down the advances of girls

My Verdict: I think I’m going to see how this duel plot works out for Mio. After that, I may as well check out since it will just turn into ever more lusting over Takahiro since he will be seen as the greatest duel attendant this side of Siegfried Kircheis.