Wanna Be the Strongest in the World: A Quick Take


A silly promotional gig as part of the idol group Sweet turns into a humiliating full-time job for Sakura in this first episode. Having seen her fellow idol Erena demolished in the ring by the professional women’s wrestler Kazama Rio, Sakura vows to get revenge. In front of tons of her own fans, she is put in numerous submission holds before finally passing out. She then has to experience the embarrassment of having her hair cut as a condition of losing, but she decides at that time that she wants to do wrestling as a professional.

Where the hell do I start in taking this apart? Let’s just start with the directorial decisions because that’s the most noticeable place to start. The series opens with Sakura screaming in pain in the middle of this match followed immediately by a shot of her crotch. That’s something that happens throughout this entire episode. Having matches decided by, oh I don’t know, conventional pinfall is not going to be a thing in this series because submissions mean long meandering shots of women in erotic positions.

To be fair, this is entirely a fanservice anime that happens to feature idols getting pummeled. They could have made something interesting out of the rivalry between Sakura and Erena, but that is entirely a one-sided rivalry. Sakura sees the entire world as good and just and no one would ever want to hurt her. That makes the decision to have her be the main character simple enough. It also makes the decision to put her through various embarrassing submission holds meant to humiliate her to her fans as mean-spirited as possible. Maybe it’s making fun of idol fans by doing that, but I’m not going to give this show that much credit.

As far as other production related things I have an opinion on, the character designs are about as moeblob as you can get. They have little nubs for noses except the bad character in this show, she has on that’s normal sized. The action scenes that were shown off in the OP look awful because they didn’t appear to want to make running look good. The idol ending is kind of silly. There’s one shower scene involving the idols that has the classic moving steam clouds of censorship, and the junior idols seem to turn into perverts because fanservice.

Reasons to Continue Watching

  • Plenty of submission holds
  • Destruction of the innocence of idols in front of their own fans
  • There’s a former idol character who will show Sakura the ropes leading to a training montage

Reasons to Drop

  • Poorly animated action sequences
  • The whole scenario is absurd to begin with
  • The protagonist is a really boring character that is nothing more than a checklist of fanservice tropes

My Verdict: I regret that I may have to continue watching this with another group of people. It’s just so bad I don’t know if I want to do it anymore. But it’s just so “classy” that I may have to. I also don’t know if I can take many more pointless low-angle shots in the middle of submission holds. Just stay the hell away from this if you have any sort of conscious or taste.


6 thoughts on “Wanna Be the Strongest in the World: A Quick Take”

    1. Yeah, that’s why Ken Shamrock was terrible to watch in the ring. All he had was ankle lock and he looked like he was extremely constipated all the time.

  1. The thing that surprised me the most was how poorly designed and animated the characters were. If you’re going to make a series that people are only going to checkout for the T&A, you could at least make the girls memorable looking, or at least really well drawn.

    Oh, and if it was a true “cabellera contra cabellera”, then all the hair would come out, not just leave the MC with a neat bob haircut. But hey, at least the seiyuu had her spanish pronunciation right!

    1. I think having a hair cutting match where one of the girls had short hair to begin with was a bad idea. What does she care if she loses? Anyway, it was kind of shocking how bad this thing looked. I don’t know if even the people who watch pure fanservice shows would find anything enjoyable about it. Maybe fans of idol shows would come over since there is an element of that.

  2. I felt like I was watching an anime animated ten years ago. The original Ikki Tousen looked much better than this. I feel a bit sorry for you having to continue watching this. The fanservice is one thing, it’s another thing that the action in this show is so boring and uninspired.

    1. Yeah, I was surprised at how bad it looked. Like they think it only has to sell based on idols being placed into silly submission holds. I’m going to try to convince the group to look elsewhere.

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