Noukome: A Quick Take

noukome01aKanade tries to be an upstanding high school student, but the fact that he is forced to choose one of 2 deviant acts constantly always gets in the way. He goes to a park and is chooses to sniff a porn magazine, then in school he has to talk to Furano about fondling breasts in full view of his classmates. Then he ends up running around without his shirt because it was that or the pants. Finally he gets to the big decision of the day. Does he choose to have a cute girl fall out of the sky or the neighbor who had just crushed his ribs by huggin him? Which way do you think this one goes?

This was probably the oddest directed first episode I’ve seen this season. There is a 4-minute montage of decision-making throughout history early in the episode. This is because all of these people had only two choices to make at the time and they happened to make the right one. Somehow, it manages to be overly pretentious for a show that happens to be about a boy forced into choosing between two perverted actions all the time. I’m going to just assume that it was just a way to fill time so that the episode wouldn’t be 16 minutes long when they got where they wanted to.

With that out of the way, I did find this pretty entertaining as a comedy in much the way I did Oniai. I was convinced the moment Furano started insulting Kanade with every line. He says things like a normal person and she just calls him a maggot. Then the rich girl Ouka comes on to the scene with maggot candies that her father’s company promotes followed by Kanade and Furano vomiting furiously. It’s dumb comedy, but well-executed.

As for the premise where Kanade is forced into deciding between two things, it’s really just a way of squeezing in jokes between the plot. I don’t think it actually matters too much in the grand scheme of the show. Yes, it’s in the title, but I think the characters are funny enough to carry the show on its own.

Reasons to Continue Watching

  • As far as perverted comedy goes, this is absolutely top-tier at times
  • Furano makes this show worth watching on her own
  • Completely aware of how ridiculous the plot is and willing to play on that

Reasons to Drop

  • Completely pointless montage that doesn’t fit the mood of the series
  • The perverted jokes will probably wear thin quickly
  • It’s yet another school series where the teacher looks like she is 8.

My Verdict: I’m pretty shocked that I liked this. I can’t believe I was sold by a vomit gag, but hell it worked. I don’t know if I’m going to finish this though. If there was anything like the swimsuit episode of Oniai, I may check out entirely. Until then, I hope this can stay fun to watch.

2 thoughts on “Noukome: A Quick Take”

  1. I started watching this by mistake and found myself laughing out loud more than once. The humour is unexpectedly raunchy at times and the show doesn’t take itself too seriously which is a big plus in my book.

    1. I was thinking that it would just be a dumb high concept light novel adaptation. Then, on watching it I found it worked in the same way as something like Dumb & Dumber. While not the best thing I’ve watched so far, it surpassed my expectations by the greatest amount.

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