Galilei Donna: A Quick Take

gd01aThree troubled sisters that are descendents of Galileo go about troubled lives in a Tuscan city in this first episode. An alcoholic Hazuki spends her time flunking out of law school living on her own. Kazuki, the middle child would rather do things alone than with her classmates at school. The youngest Hozuki has an active imagination but holes herself up. All three are nearly abducted, but that means they have to deal with their separated parents. It becomes quite apparent why these three are trouble even before their lives are interrupted by an eccentric man after something they possess and his equally eccentric flying mecha.

This was actually quite an odd episode for a number of reasons. There was a lot of stuff I did like with the characters. The Ferrari family is broken up and the individual members are reacting to it in their own ways. The father spends his days in the lab which probably caused his marriage to fall apart. I also liked the conversation between Hazuki and Kazuki about the former’s living alone. Hazuki seems to capture the fact that it’s easy, but lonely at the same time. Drinking is an attempt to fill this void, but it doesn’t do the job at all. The characters basically feel like they are all broken.

You can’t talk about the characters without bringing up the villain in this series. Here’s a guy who clearly wants something that these descendants of Galileo have. Yet, that’s not going to stop him from getting in the way of watching World Cup qualifiers. He may say that he has no weaknesses, but he’s just as vulnerable to il calcio as any man might be. This writer perfectly understands that Andrea Pirlo needs to be appreciated in what little time left he has, but I digress. Now where was I? His arguing with Hazuki is a thing of beauty. There’s so much chemistry in their arguing that it’s amazing.

I suppose most of the praise in this episode will go to Hozuki since she single-handedly bails the family out of danger with the flying goldfish mecha that she constructed in the underground complex that she lives in. It actually felt rather distracting from the rest of the show. It’s like she represents this kids show in the middle of a broken family drama. I guess it works because everything else is kind of depressing, but it’s just odd from my perspective.

Reasons to Continue Watching

  • The family dynamics make this one of the more interesting character studies this season
  • Hozuki’s inventions are quite interesting
  • One of the better looking shows this season from a production standpoint

Reasons to Drop

  • It feels like 3 different shows going on at the same time
  • The middle sister doesn’t seem to belong in this show at all
  • The whole descendents of Galileo even being relevant in this show is pretty silly to begin with

My Verdict: There’s enough interesting stuff going on to make me want to keep watching this for at least another week or two. I’d like for it to seem like it’s one solid story rather than having Hozuki be off in her own universe making this an entirely different show. Also, where did she get bullets and missiles for her goldfish mecha? Do they just hand that stuff out to kids in Italy?

6 thoughts on “Galilei Donna: A Quick Take”

  1. I wasn’t planning on checking this out, but now I’m mildly intrigued after reading your views on it. Any show with a character displaying an interest in football deserves a seeing of.

  2. I seem to be the only one who liked the middle sister. I’ll admit that making your own weaponry (to include a flying goldfish mecha) is pretty badass, but she was the only sister that actually fought off her attacker with her own two hands (that is, without a weapon). I think she probably is a pretty good character that is going through an awkward phase.

    1. I can see that being the case with her. She just didn’t strike me as much apart from being the token teenage angst character. Kind of understandable with the parents being total flakes though.

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