12 Days of Something III: The Year in Bad Drops

This is generally how I look when I drop things

During the course of a normal year watching anime, I drop a lot of shows. It ends up being about 9 out of every 20 from my reckoning. That said, I make many, many mistakes in the eyes of my readers, followers on twitter, or people who even think of the name Emperor J. That includes those who have lived in mountain monasteries their entire lives and have no concept of blogging in their minds. So to further their confirmation bias of my taste, I present to you the list of my worst drops as rated by MAL and other comments throughout the year.

Shingeki no Kyojin

Obviously I have to start here with the show that was rated #9 on MAL as of the writing of this post. Many people out there obviously like this show, but I do know a few people out there who mock the shouting, endless recaps, animation made by indentured servants and the fact that the worst of the series happens when Eren is on screen. I just found the first couple episodes boring, but this will be a hit in the future.

Gin no Saji

Good old Silver Spoon, just isn’t my cup of tea. Even the prospect of blogging about beer matching with the food in each episode wasn’t enough to draw me back to this rural setting. I was really expecting something like Moyashimon since that was set at an agricultural university, but alas, the kids of Silver Spoon are in high school, so they aren’t as much fun. Agonizing over a baby pig just doesn’t compare to gender identity questions I’m afraid.

Uchouten Kazoku

I dropped this after the penultimate episode. Why? Because it simply wasn’t getting any better and I hated it more with each passing week. I didn’t think it was worth going through the effort of watching just one more episode just to say I hated it even more. I know some people out there love this show, but I just do not see it as the characters are as rough as the hypothetical frictionless surface that exists in physics class.

Kill la Kill

Moving on.

Log Horizon

I know it’s not like Sword Art Online, but it’s too much like that show for me to take the risk that it ends up something like that again. It’s not rational, but I think I’m doing it to prevent further atrocities in the future by not watching.

Servant x Service

I actually went back and did finish this show in the end. As proof that I can change my ways, I did like it in the end for the portrayal of workplace relationships. In general, they are bad ideas and they require tons of effort to succeed with plenty of risk. Miyoshi also had outstanding development as a character to almost make her my favorite.

Valvrave at its very best


As hilariously constructed as the plot seems to be, I simply cannot support the most evil anime of the year. Surely, that many people can’t be watching this show ironically. I feel sorry for those people who genuinely do like this series.


Considering I’m a connoisseur of shows like this, it’s probably a bit surprising that I did drop this. Actually, more news on that later in this post series.

In retrospect, I don’t think I did so badly actually. So I’m going to continue in this way in 2014.