12 Days of Something III: The Definitive List of Best Girls, 2013 Edition


This isn’t a post intended to raise debate. The answers have already been settled. These are the best, acceptable and worst girls from harem anime this year, objectively.


The World God Only Knows

Best: Tenri
Acceptable: Haqua, Keima in drag, Yui, Shiori
No Taste: Tsukiyo


High School DxD

Best: Akeno
Acceptable: Xenovia, Rias
No Taste: Koneko


Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Best: Rika
Acceptable: Yozora, Sena
No Taste: Maria or Kobato


Date A Live

Best: Origami
Acceptable: Tohka, Kurumi, Kotori
No Taste: Yoshino



Best: Masuzu
Acceptable: Ai, Himeka, Chiwa
No Taste: No one


Infinite Stratos

Best: Charlotte
Acceptable: Tatenashi, Laura, Houki
No Taste: Lin, Cecilia and Kanzashi


Hayate no Gotoku!

Best: Maria
Acceptable: Hinagiku, Athena, Ruka
No Taste: No one


Walkure Romanze
Best: Noel
Acceptable: Mio, Celia, Akane
No Taste: Lisa


Best: Shion
Acceptable: Megumi, Kirara, Mori
No Taste: Seira

Nice armor.Photokano

Best: Nonoka
Acceptable: Haruka, Rina, Aki, Yuuko
No Taste: Kanon

This is wreckless comedy.Muromi-san

Best: Muromi-san
Acceptable: Levia-san, Sumida-san, Otohime
No Taste: Fuji-san


Best: Ayase
Acceptable: Manami
No Taste: Every other character who loves Kyousuke

genshiken205bGenshiken (Just the Madarame Group)

Best: Sue
Acceptable: Angela, Kenjirou
No Taste: Keiko

oc10aOutbreak Company

Best: Myucel
Acceptable: Minori
No Taste: Petrarca


Best: Fino
Acceptable: Lore, Elsa, Lam, Sarah, Nova
No Taste: Airi


Best: Furano
Acceptable: Ouka, Seira
No Taste: Ayame

11 thoughts on “12 Days of Something III: The Definitive List of Best Girls, 2013 Edition”

  1. Thank goodness!!! Someone else treasures Furano and Ayase!!!! I felt so alone! (Sniff, sob, whimper). I feel better now!

    1. There are plenty of Ayase supporters out there, but they just aren’t vocal enough. As for Furano, I don’t think Noucome fans talk to each other enough about that show. The Kotaku guy probably made them all go underground with his praise for the show.

  2. Boy, oh, boy! Gasoline on the flames!!!

    My choice for High School DxD would have been Asia. (You didn’t even mention her.)

    1. I was close to putting Asia in that 2nd tier, but I was struggling to come up with a name for the next set. I’d say “Average” would be where I put any girls not mentioned.

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