12 Days of Something III: The Future of Failure is Now

These are gigantic viewer counts from my perspective.
These are gigantic viewer counts from my perspective.

With the advent of the next generation consoles complete, it is now possible to more easily stream gameplay and commentary to audiences on sites like Twitch or Ustream. I bring this up because it’s very much relevant to the history of this blog and my social presence on the internet in general. Mainly, it’s impossible popularity to be attained when the potential pool grows beyond a certain size.

Earlier this year, I had tried briefly to stream some gameplay of a game I owned on Steam on the Twitch channel that I had set up. No viewers at the time and that didn’t really matter because who really wants to see me fail at Surgeon Simulator 2013? Fast forward to last month and with it now being easy to use to both view and stream on a new console. The end result. No viewers and my being left wondering what the hell the point of the new technology is.

The way I see it is that it will be much more common. I’m not alone in thinking that.

There is an inherent advantage that those who have built up an audience have. They have the networks to publicize their work playing games and even to get paid money to do that. I don’t see anime blogging ever getting to that point since the audience simply isn’t there to enable that, but the fact of the matter is that those who are able to first leverage technology get the full benefits from it. It’s completely just that it is that way. So best of luck to those trying to pull in an audience streaming on your PS4 or XBox One in the near future. Try to keep it small and social. It’s better that way.

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  1. I’ve watched quite a few gameplay videos on Twitch and especially Youtube. For one, I love fighting games, and will catch them live if I have the opportunity. Though if I can’t, I don’t hesitate to check them out on Youtube. The other thing that brings me in are hilarious Let’s Players. And I think what draws me in about the ones I watch are two things: they have a strong inside knowledge of the industry; and they are genuinely hilarious. Game Grumps, the Super Best Friends Zaibatsu and the YO Videogames crew all have those things in common. It will take time and networking, and perhaps some help. But I think you still have a chance. Hang in there.

    1. I don’t really have the inside knowledge of the industry and to be honest my humor doesn’t really shine through when it’s just me playing a game. I think I can only say it was never meant to be.

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