Nobunaga the Fool: A Quick Review

Oda Nobunaga piloting a mecha while holding Jeanne d'Arc in his arms? Oda Nobunaga piloting a mecha while holding Jeanne d'Arc in his arms.
Oda Nobunaga piloting a mecha while holding Jeanne d’Arc in his arms? Oda Nobunaga piloting a mecha while holding Jeanne d’Arc in his arms.

I think the only shows I’ve finished that have had characters named Oda Nobunaga have all been female versions of that character. I mean, all you really have to do these days to get that character down is to have a character that acts tough but is hopelessly naive about the amount of power they have and is completely reckless. This one checks all the boxes, but about this world they’ve put Oda Nobunaga in?

If there are any shows I think I can point to that has any similarities at all, it would be like setting it in the old world of Sengoku Collection where the genders are swapped, combine some of the time traveling “magic” of Galilei Donna and a bit of Star Driver thrown in as well. Basically, it’s a mess for anyone who gives a damn about historical accuracy.

The good thing this show does is immediately cast that historical context aside. The dream sequences at the beginning are about all you get for that as virtually everything else screams, “this is an alternate world, we can do whatever the hell we want with these historical figures and you can’t complain.” Well this is adapted from something Kawamori had lying around and he’s never really given a damn about anything other than making spectacle.

How come history doesn't depict da Vinci and Jeanne d'Arc in such get ups?
How come history doesn’t depict da Vinci and Jeanne d’Arc in such get ups?

Satelight have indeed succeeded in making this spectacle. I just hope they try to get away from the generic Sunrise mecha vibes I was feeling when Nobunaga first started up that mecha.

5 thoughts on “Nobunaga the Fool: A Quick Review”

  1. Kawamori as always doing whatever he pleases. I wouldn’t be surprised if Alexander the Great suddenly showed up in a convertible with Queen Boadicea riding shotgun. An entertaining watch nonetheless.

    1. He’s not even directing it though he may as well have been just in creating the scenario. Shame it has to go against the other Nobunaga show this season.

  2. I hope we get the full Kawamori spectacular, with crazy things happening on screen, and absolutely no consideration given to accuracy, common sense, or the sanity of the characters in the series. Basically I hope the series becomes something along the lines of Star Driver and Aquarion Evol with a hint of extra insanity thrown in for good measure. Of course he isnt directing the series, so we may get something a little different, but I hope he still has a hand in the direction this series takes.

  3. Yeah I agree there’s no plot line just yet and it can do without some things but I think they’re trying to mold this character of Nobunaga which we know as ambitious and what drives him forward ,shaping him into the man that can lead because he understands pain and conflict and hatred of those that threaten his people. And I’m guessing the savior king that Ranmaru likes to mention. I hope a definite plot line reveals itself soon because this anime has potential

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