Buddy Complex: A Quick Review

Shipping doesn't work if that is what the show knows it's all it has.
Shipping doesn’t work if that is what the show knows it’s all it has.

In the annals of generic mecha series, there will be few that will remember Buddy Complex. It seems to fit the bill of being the most generic of the generic of series. It’s almost as if there’s no point in hiding what this show is really meant to be; blatant cross-promotion.

I don’t know how else something could be made more by committee than after watching this first episode. The simple fact is that the body count in the first episode is two. Even after having a mecha from the future fire into a crowded city center, no one dies at all. The only thing the was missing was for some random person on the street to crack a joke about how close they were to dying to make the scene as absurd as possible.

This doesn't last long.
This doesn’t last long.

I also like how the show is willing to make the romantic angle incredibly circular because dense protagonist finally got to talk to the girl who spent every second of the day looking at him and thought she hated him. Now in the future it just means he’s going to fall for her which leads to a conflict and death at the end in the past. I could have written this mess. How hard is it for people to stay away from time travel if they have no idea how to execute it?

I don’t even have much to say about the mecha because they are so generic. There’s also a second character that bland protagonist gets to meet in the future named Dio. Unfortunately, he seems generic as well.