The Pilot’s Love Song: A Quick Review

Superman, this guy is not.
Superman, this guy is not.

Initially I was sort of dreading the fact that this series started with the dreaded To Aru because it meant only a 50% of it being ironically entertaining. I didn’t really have much to worry about with this story set on a floating island because there was little of anything to actually care about.

I have to start talking about this episode with the simple fact that the main character is named Kal-El. It just conjures in my mind every overpowered character in fiction with no edge. Let’s face it, Superman is really boring. I mean, he works for the local newspaper, but I can’t remember him ever writing decent copy. In digressing from that point, I guess this guy’s weakness is the fact that he enters into a rage whenever he sees that one girl who kicked off the ceremony to set the island on its course.

That leads me into the fact that this is clearly a forbidden love story. Boring lead finds the girl of his dreams while randomly walking about at sunset. She does the Kate Winslet in Titanic thing on the bicycle as the ride through the fog. Unfortunately, she’s a noble and this guy isn’t. Class warfare I tell you.

Cliches ahoy...
Cliches ahoy…

The real reason I think anyone would have to watch this is purely for shipping Kal-El with this show’s version of L-Elf in that silver-haired ex-noble who hates him. I can’t see any other reason to watch. I’d probably even write bad fanfiction on them if this show didn’t half put me to sleep. It’s the first show to make me go “meh” and that’s about the worst place a series can be.

2 thoughts on “The Pilot’s Love Song: A Quick Review”

  1. This one *was* pretty meh. Superboy’s (that’s all I could think of with his name, too) attitude and bearing are just dull, and Clair’s just too much manic pixie dream girl.

    And on top of that, watching this streaming on Crunchyroll, the opening aerial combat REALLY suffered from their usual bitrate starvation, so that the shakycam + relatively fast paced action looked like a 12 frame per second slide show of a battle.

    1. Yeah, that really looked bad on CR, not that it would have looked much better on TV. Just the name of the character now has me thinking of Claire as the Lana Lang of this universe and it would make moping guy Lex Luthor. I don’t want to go down this road.

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