D-Frag!: A Quick Review

This is all she has as an act.
This is all she has as an act.

Just like last year’s GJ-bu, the protagonist of D-Frag! is kidnapped and made to reluctantly join a club with a childlike president that doesn’t do anything beyond playing games. Unfortunately, that’s where the similarities between the two come to an end.

This high school comedy is about a delinquent, Kenji, who gets dragged into the Game Creation Club which doesn’t do much of anything. He comes across the club when they make like Mario Balotelli in his bathroom and set the curtains on fire with fireworks. After putting out the fire and with Kenji motivated to do something for what might be the first time in his life, the show takes a turn to the stupid.

This scene where they end up in the girl's locker room should have been funny. Honestly.
This scene where they end up in the girl’s locker room should have been funny. Honestly.

The problem with the series becomes pretty obvious when one looks at the characters in the club. Like any true modern anime, the girls can simply be referred to by color. Purple as the student council president is the only one given any sort of personality. Yellow tries very hard but is there just to be cute for Kenji. Brown and Pink…I don’t even know the purpose for them. Blue is just the club advisor and her use of a taser on students is a bit of a concern. I didn’t think it was even comedy at that point.

I can usually go for a good school comedy or club where no one does anything show a season. Sadly, this has pretty much missed all the marks. No laughs at all. I’ll wrap this up with the worst pun I can think of with this show’s title. I want to defrag the SSD that is this show.