Hamatora: A Quick Review

This rivalry is on now.
This rivalry is on now.

There was a point in the first episode of Hamatora where I knew exactly what would be in the safe that was at the center of the plot of the first episode. How often do you have an old maid offering to dress up in a high school uniform to satisfy the sexual needs of the young master of a rich household? Everything about that just screams hidden stash of porn, and that’s exactly what it turned out to be.

Hamatora is a show about a group of superpower holders that are part of a private investigation firm that is skint. The story was pretty well telegraphed from the beginning when Nice and Murasaki split up their jobs. It was easy to see that the two jobs would end up being related. I think from that point I was more interested to see how entertained I would be on the obvious path.

The story of the girl finding out the code to the porn safe was interesting for the reason that we now had a story that was willing to acknowledge that underage prostitution is a thing that actually exists without having the main characters take a judgmental view on the girl’s choice. It is more than condescending on the old man who hired them though.

The treasures of a rich dirty old man.
The treasures of a rich dirty old man.

As far as the cast of characters this story will be following and who I will have to get used to, there wasn’t really a standout. Nice just seems to be too willing to help the poorest people to realize what being a private investigator is being about. The others just seem to go according to what their powers are, which all seem to involve being able to smash things. That’s except lightning guy, of course. He’s special.

I still found it entertaining enough to keep watching. It’s kind of like Nobunagun in that it doesn’t seem to give a damn about anything happening outside of the main characters using supernatural abilities. That’s fine by me as long as it can stick to it.

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  1. It’s not actually underage prostitution since they are all in college now but I don’t quite agree with you that it is interesting to say the least. It was for me, mortifying. The way they handle the prostitution was horrible to the point that they’d make a joke about it. Are they telling us that it is ok to hire prostitute college girls? I was expecting the son to have a very dramatic scene when he found out about his father’s secrets but then, it was all ruined by that stupid joke.

    I guess this anime won’t be focusing on dramas I presume.

    1. That’s the thing, I think the joke was on the father more than the girls themselves. Since it’s been a bit since this episode aired, the drama has ramped up a little, but I’m a bit worried about this turning into the first X-Men movie in reverse.

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