Soni-Ani: Super Sonico the Animation: A Quick Review

The cameraman knows what is up.
The cameraman knows what is up.

Series featuring mascot characters in modern times have rarely been interesting. There is just so much that can go wrong with a character that represents a larger entity if used incorrectly that fear generally rules the day in making something interesting. With that in mind, it’s no surprise to see Nitroplus’s mascot character Super Sonico doing nothing outlandish that hasn’t been seen before in their promotional materials. Even if the company makes its money off visual novels.

I went into this hoping for something a bit more exciting if you couldn’t tell already from the introduction. Basically, as it turns out, Sonico is the most pure and good person in the entire world. She works all these jobs and supports her family. Everyone in the community loves her, even if she isn’t a morning person. The topic of the headphones that are her characters trademark (and have been attached to her head since childhood) is never brought up by anyone else.

The only hint that this show is anything beyond a run through the motions is the modeling scene when she is asked to put on something a bit more risque than the bikini she was contracted to model. Her producer came in with his demon mask that lit up and breathed smoke, but that wasn’t particularly funny. I guess it was just kind of odd.

This is exactly like K-On. Right? Right...
This is exactly like K-On. Right? Right…

At the end of the episode, she meets with her band mates Suzu and Fuuri to begin to play their new song in the studio. Only at that point, in the end credits of all things, does the expected level of Super Sonico fanservice kick in. I probably shouldn’t have expected any more than this.