Magical Warfare: A Quick Review

I present to you the pair of objects that got the most attention in this episode.
I present to you the pair of objects that got the most attention in this episode.

Suspension of disbelief is important for action shows like this. Few things are capable of destroying this than running out of budget partially through the episode and inexplicable mid-combat exposition scenes. My goodness is there a lot of the latter as everything turned silly.

Magical Warfare is very much juvenile in nature. The story seems crafted as they went along with little planning to begin with. There’s the spending lots of money on making the magic look decent in the first half of the episode only to cut some corners on the two main characters running away in poorly animated fashion. Then, let’s throw in some exposition in the middle of a chase so they can have a few minutes to talk about how horrible it is to be a magician.

That’s not even the worst part of it. That comes when they decide to just hand out magical powers like candy to the normal people. Token main character already got his dodging powers from brocon girl, so let’s just have the childhood friend/girlfriend have transformation powers just so we can give her larger breasts. Because that’s exactly the sort of thing a pubescent boy would write in. Oh, and let’s also give the random friend passerby a flaming fist because that sounds really awesome. Let’s also try to make up rules about how magicians aren’t allowed to use their powers with so many exceptions as to allow this to happen as well. That’s great.

Yeah, blood doesn't really work like that.
Yeah, blood doesn’t really work like that.

Yet, there’s just something sort of endearing with how bad it is. It’s like a blast from the past in how fantasy looked like in middle school. The whole thing just screams that it was written by an extremely lazy writer. Little wonder this is a light novel adaptation. So I’d expect in future episodes for stuff to simply happen not because this is a bad adaptation, but because the creator never got around to filling in the gaps in creating the story.

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  1. How much you want to bet that it wil turn out that Mui is the one whose memory has been altered, and that guy really isn’t her brother?

    1. I don’t think it really matters too much. They’ll just contrive something where the brother’s memory wasn’t messed with at all and he was only acting like he betrayed her.

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