Nisekoi: A Quick Review

You actually have to go through the entire episode before getting to this bit of normality.
You actually have to go through the entire episode before getting to this bit of normality.

It’s really easy to call most things that Shaft produces over-directed, but it does feel hard to call Nisekoi anything but that so far. I’ve known the anime adaptation has been on the cards for a while having read the manga, but I do wonder if there wasn’t enough to be pulled from the source in this adaptation. I also wonder as a reader of the manga if I’m too inclined to hold the source material against this adaptation.

In reading the recent chapters of Nisekoi, it does feel as though the story was being dragged along so as to avoid any new developments to the story until the anime aired. In watching the first episode of Nisekoi I felt like asking if there was a need to pad the length of this episode to stay within the constraints of the part of the story they were allowed to adapt. It did feel like this would have been a fine 12 minute episode.

This act gets so tired...
This act gets so tired…

For one thing, why was it necessary to constantly highlight how many times Raku and Chitoge had interacted throughout the episode? It just sort of felt like Tatsuwa and Shinbo were so bored by what they were adapting in this episode that they had to start getting creative to “improve” what was there. I can’t really blame them to be honest.

The story of Nisekoi doesn’t really pick up for a little bit and hell I don’t think they will even get to a resolution. The harem genre has actually evolved to the point where a story like Nisekoi is bland and dated. To use some pro-wrestling terminology, this is the Attitude Era of harem anime. You can’t just get away with main girls who are as dull and uninteresting as this anymore. Maybe 10 years ago, but definitely not now. In the mean time, I’ll just hang around for best girl to arrive soon.


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  1. This episode did feel incredibly over-directed – the manga is quite cliched, but I enjoy the characters and the art style, only with the anime I dont see any of the original works charm. Instead we get Shinbou and Shaft doing there thing with animated trickery, and arguably pointless subtitles that drag out a fairly short part of the manga into a full 24 minute episode.

    1. I think there wasn’t enough material for them to cover to get to 20 minutes. The characters are fine even if I prefer characters that have not yet been introduced.

  2. I have not read the manga, so I have no idea if this is a good story or not, but somehow I get the feeling that it’s been done 10 times before, just without Shaft neck tilts.

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