World Conquest Zvezda Plot: A Quick Review

It's important to note that this destruction is the end result of this show.
It’s important to note that this destruction is the end result of this show.

World Conquest is definitely a different kind of show about someone trying to conquer the world. The opening hints at a terrible world that comes from what one Hoshimiya Kate is trying to do, but in the first episode it’s all a psychedelic trip filled with strange mechanical devices and people in strange costumes. It harkens back to classic shows only this time the good guys want to conquer the world.

The approach this episode takes is pretty interesting in the sense of posing a very self-referential question. Why do minions join with the bad guys who want to conquer the world? Asuta is the perfect example for this question. It can be answered simply by saying that he had no other choice. Having been cut off from his family after running away from home, he runs into Kate who provides him with everything he needs to survive. Food and people who will help him are all he needs at this very moment.

Asuta’s purpose in the episode was also to give Kate impetus to begin the Zvezda plot to conquer the world. By yelling at her for dithering over what will happen in the future, he finally gives her a reason to do something. The training wheels falling off the bicycle was an obvious symbol of that. I eagerly await what comes for the pair of them provided he actually stays relevant to the events of the show.

That's the future conqueror of Earth right there.
That’s the future conqueror of Earth right there.

I’d also say that this was one of the surprise shows so far for me. When I saw the outfits worn by two of the characters, I was dreading having to see it so often. Fortunately, I think there’s enough going on with a dark twist coming in the middle to keep that from being a distraction from everything else. Also, I hope that it manages to stay as fun as the first episode was.

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