On the Question of Why I Am Still Watching…


As some of you may know, I am pursuing a mission of watching as many new shows as I can this season to completion with the allowance of one dropped show (that I’ve already used). I got a question on Twitter yesterday in reference to the fact that I was still continuing to watch Imocho. While I find that show that uses the initial perversion to draw viewers in to a rather tame story of acceptance, it seems that it has been deemed the terrible show of the season that no one should be watching. Thus began a deep journey into what is the point of what I am trying to accomplish this season.

To start with, this wasn’t a New Year’s resolution to try to watch more shows to completion or to try to drop less. It actually came out of two separate thoughts; one being much more noble than the other. Honestly, I hadn’t set out on this goal first when I dropped the first show I watched for the new season and with it being a show airing on television here in the States my opinion on it wouldn’t matter at all. Then I remembered something I heard from a film critic recently. The line was something to the effect that a critic should be judged not on the amount of good films they are able to watch, but in their tolerance to continue to watch utterly dreadful films.

imocho03aSo the plan for this season wasn’t so much to write on these new shows and continue to call them crap, but simply to build up a tolerance to watching as much as I can on a normal schedule. It’s a hell of a lot easier to do in the winter season than the spring (where about 30 shows have already been confirmed at last glance) and honestly it’s more fair to you as a reader if I’m not limiting myself simply to stuff that I like to watch. I may end up hating it, but I think you should know that is based on watching the whole show rather than just a single episode and assuming it is bad.

I’ve been plenty guilty of doing that in the past so I’m going to come clean here. Shows like Sword Art Online (hello tentacle episode) and Guilty Crown (Wolverinori) don’t have the highest reputations among the people I talk to about anime. I’ve never seen all of the episode for either and refer to both as pretty crap. My take on Wake Up, Girls! wasn’t seen in the best of light by fans of idol shows, and to be fair the only idol show I’ve completed is Miss Monochrome. These are all shows beloved by a group of people and I really shouldn’t be fully dismissing anything as crap without taking in the whole picture.

imocho04aFinally, just to wrap up this meta-tastic post and bring it back to Imocho, there are numerous problems with the show. If one is to criticize this fairly, wouldn’t it be much more effective criticism to build up the list of all that is wrong with the show rather than just going “They made a cliffhanger out of Mitsuki trying to avoid pissing herself. Dropped.”? That is the reason I’m still watching everything on this list.

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  1. When Ebert died I read one of the many obits about him. The point about watching a lot of bad movies actually was made in the sense that he watches anywhere from 250-350 movies a year, so invariably he watched a lot of bad movies because there aren’t 100 good movies in any given year by any metric. Maybe 50? Hard to say.

    So I think you misinterpret the statement “The line was something to the effect that a critic should be judged not on the amount of good films they are able to watch, but in their tolerance to continue to watch utterly dreadful films.” It’s more about that a critic simply watches a lot. If you only watch the good stuff, you are not watching enough.

  2. I’m not trying to disagree with Omo, because I think that is a valid interpretation of the quote, but I do think the Emperor is on to something. The thing that disappoints me the most about episodic blogging is that one can’t help but take what you are getting at face value, in the moment. If someone were to watch an entire series through once and then go back and post episodics as they di a rewatch, I suspect they would be writing about different things. For example, something that seemed irrelevant at the time (or even a cool idea) might eventually turn out to be a rather clumsy plot device, or maybe a wasted opportunity, or perhaps indicative of how the producers never created a fully fleshed out character.

    I applaud the Emperor for his bravery in tackling so many shows that will undoubtedly turn out to be crap. If nothing else he can say they are crap with authority, and marshal solid evidence of their crapitude.

  3. I just watch all these shows because I enjoy watching them. Something like 25 new shows I’m still watching.

    And I rather like ImoCho. It is what it is, and it’s pretty unrepentant about it.

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