The 27 Series Winter Anime Recap

The early leader in the Best Girl running.
The early leader in the Best Girl running.

While in the midst of messing around in spreadsheets that are part of The Best Girl Project, I realized that I should probably get around to telling the few of you how I experienced a season in which I dropped just one show and completed 27. Including the “movie” that was also part of the season, it means the Winter 2014 season now has the joint most anime I’ve watched matching the Spring 2011 season. It’s also my lowest rated season with at least 10 shows, so make of that what you will.

This is going to be a long post, so if you don’t feel like actually reading the commentary, these are rated from best-to-worst:


Nourin was well over the top when it came to some of the comedic moments. Bekki-sensei was both entertaining and an alarming presence on screen. A rare character if I do say so. The love triangle at the center of the series ended in typical fashion with no decision being made by the protagonist. It failed more often than most comedies do, but that’s because it went for many topics. That endeared me to it a lot. It was an ambitious failure of a comedy that really shouldn’t have been the best show I watched this season.

Sekai Seifuku held back far too much in its world construction. How was I supposed to know this really was a modern Warring States setting where Tokyo eventually conquers the rest of Japan. The romantic aspects of the series are terrible at best. Yet in the end, it managed to have Best Girl of the season.

D-Frag! had Shaun Conecone and therefore made the rest of the show awesome. Taking out the Most Interesting Character in Anime, it was really just one of those shows about a club that does nothing with the main guy just spewing retorts as 80% of his lines. I still found it entertaining though.

Super Sonico was nothing more than a friendly promotion for Nitroplus’s mascot character. There were fun episodes like the zombies on the ship and the concert final episode was interesting too. It also had one of my favorite episodes when Sonico took in the sights in the Japanese countryside. Ultimately though, it was a really empty experience.


Witch Craft Works was definitely an experience, especially when combined with it being shortened to WCW in many places. It meant numerous chances to throw out references to Big Poppa Pump being unable to cut a promo, heel David Arquette, Vince Russo winning the world title, etc. As for the show itself, it was fun when the show focused on the characters over the story, because the latter was weak as hell. The Tower Witches really stole the show too.

Engaged to the Unidentified wasn’t really that great of a show. Most of the interaction between Benio and Mashiro became repetitive quickly. Hakuya was probably the worst main character in a show this season that wasn’t hot garbage. God damn was it cute at moments though.

SYD* looked much better than the first season or OVAs did, but it was more of the same. There was some time progression and some relationships changed. Uomi became Takatoshi’s cousin, but when it came down to Shino’s relationship with him they just couldn’t get around to a conclusion. I guess there’s more OVAs to be made of that.

Pupipo was a frightening series because of the pink blob known as Po-chan. Whenever it spoke anything other than Pu, Pi or Po, something was majorly wrong. I prefer amorphous blobs to speak simply like Pokemon or something.

Golden Time is a show that will leave future anthropologists with a very odd question. Why did the collapse of civilization start with the phrase “Fuck Linda”

Nobunagun had lots of explosions and I really didn’t care about any of the characters. They could have made this into a shipping show, and they forced it in the end between Shio and Jack the Ripper guy, but explosions.


Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha was way too long at 10 episodes. I feel like 8 would have been sufficient as it would have skipped out on all of the contrived drama at the end. Would it have killed them to have actually had a conclusion between Uka-sama and Touka? There was legit sexual tension there.

Sakura Trick really didn’t do much of anything. Then again, I probably couldn’t get past the movements Haruka and Kotone were making in the OP. No one really moves like that. And there was a scene in one of the late episodes where Yuzu was dancing. I thought that was good even if she wasn’t the focus of it.

Wooser turned into cross-promotional material for this 2nd season. It also had a sad ending as well. I think it was downhill all season long though as it started with Miss Monochrome and ended with Gundam 00. A decline if I may say so.

Robot Girls Z is 70s mecha anime with cute girls. It’s about what you would expect from such a show made today. Baron Ashura was horribly mistreated by her boss and let down by her lackeys throughout.

Go! Go! 575  is not worth the effort of describing in 5-7-5. Basically that would require more thought than the 10 minutes this show took to watch.


Onee-chan ga Kita! was pretty normal for what looked like a fanservice disaster in the original description. Yes the older sister is way too into her younger brother, but it never goes over the boundaries of a normal sibling relationship.

Hozuki no Reitetsu had me wondering where the jokes were. How can something that is called a comedy have nothing worth laughing about?

A Certain Pilot’s Love Song turned into a bloody mess when they realized they had to depict war at some point. It became a disaster in the final episode when they had to do some political explanation for the final act. Main character is throwing all of you into another war because he is in love with the queen. Oh yeah, he’s also the prince everyone thought was dead, but that doesn’t matter because he’s in love. Love is totally worth entering a war of aggression. Let’s not get started on the feelings of the sister because that’s another trainwreck.

Wake Up, Girls! with its tiny budget and need to compare idol events to life in New York after 9/11 was remarkably only the 2nd worst looking show of the season. I honestly couldn’t find a reason to care about any of the girls. The I-1 girls were needlessly aggro except that one who was nice. They couldn’t even show whole dance scenes after the first episode because they didn’t have the budget to animate them. At least they never went as far as static shots with dialogue over them.

Lately My Little Sister’s Been Acting A Bit Strange was not as perverted as it could have been. There’s a lot that can be said about those moments between Mitsuki and Hiyori which clearly went over the edge, but they really didn’t do much in the end. The series really ended up exactly where it started. I don’t think there’s going to be a 2nd season here.

Noragami had a very inexplicable ending. Did Hiyori declare her love for Yato at the end? I really stopped caring by that point. There was too much they tried to cram into 12 episodes and it showed.

Strange+ is indeed a strange show. I have no idea what it’s about and I watched the entire thing.

Z/X Ignition is pronounced “Sex Ignition” and I will continue to find that funny. That’s unlike the show itself which turned into a predictable mess once it tried to introduce card game dynamics. It didn’t help that Aina was by far the worst character of the season in any show. Especially since it all turns on the fact that she hates the monsters for killing her parents and for being her friends so she decides to use one to wreak havoc on the people of Kobe. I also think that most of the characters were so indistinct they had to identify them in each episode.

Hamatora thought it was far better than it actually was. The plot turned out to be almost exactly like the first X-Men movie only infinitesimally as good. It also didn’t earn the right to use Holst and that ending was total bullshit. Yet it gets a 2nd season because fans suck.

Pupa can be described entirely by the fact I can sum up the show in terrible dialogue. “Onii-chan…[sound of flesh being eaten]…[blood curdling scream]…Onii-chan” Repeat for 11 episodes then conclude with cute kids.

Another day, another singularity appearing mid-battle
Another day, another singularity appearing mid-battle

Buddy Complex doesn’t really care about plot as much as a show like Valvrave. As time paradoxes continued to pile up. There’s just so much bullshit I can take when it comes to time plots, and this was more than I could take.

Magical Warfare is a show that has all the structure of a teenager writing a novel having never taken any writing classes, writing in a second language and also extremely high. I still can’t believe it’s not bottom of this list.

Wizard Barristers set new lows for understanding of legal procedures. Wizard laws must not be based on common sense at all. There was also the fact that they ran out of time to produce the last 2 episodes because they were working on the Blurays of this series and the terrible wrestling anime from last season. They had their priorities straight there.

With that all said and done, how did I feel after finishing all of it? I guess it did feel like it became work about halfway through it. It became a bit easier when I was watching shows as they were airing rather than waiting until the weekend to marathon them all. I guess I put myself at risk for burning out on anime again which is why I haven’t watched any of the new spring season shows yet.

And now on to the present.
And now on to the present.

As far as the shows I’m going to watch in the spring, I asked my Twitter followers which shows I should watch thinking I could ignore the rest of them. So they gave me the following shows:

That’s all I’ll be watching this season unless someone in the comments thinks I really should watch another show. I leave on this bit of advice. Dropping shows is a good thing and shouldn’t be frowned upon.

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  1. I like how “Lately My Little Sister’s Been Acting A Bit Strange” is tagged but not worth a mention in the post.

      1. It’s a cute romance set-up akin to Renji and Chihiro’s from EF: A Tale of Memories. The soft and minute visual style nail the atomsphere perfectly. The chemistry is quite genuine too.

    1. That is including both WUG and I-1. Basically the only interesting parts involving female characters in the show were from those who weren’t idols.

  2. for whatever reason this post showed up in my RSS feed again tonight and figured I’d read through it again and noticed at the end the recommendations you got for shows to watch this spring.

    I haven’t seen Date A Live yet so wont comment on that, NGNL is pretty good so far and Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is ok so far too, but I would definitely check out Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin if nothing else this season. It’s starting off really good and real promising so dont blame me if it turns out crap LOL but I really dont think it will.. or at least I hope not.

    I ended up with a lot of free time this season so far so I’m managing to watch most of the shows this season. Bokura wa minna kawaisou, captain earth, black bullet, isshuukan friends (as mentioned above), are all quite good so far. Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii has a charm to it that I really like for some reason as well. And if you’re into sports anime Haikyuu!! is really well done so far, along with ping pong the animation (despite the animation style haha, the complete opposite of Haikyuu)

    Sounded like you weren’t too interested to watch a buncha shows this season, or might not have enough time to keep with many but there’s quite a few pretty decent shows out this season IMO.

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