The Lost Backlog of Summer 2014 #12: Meganebu!

meganebu03aSeeing as I had no confidence in the summer season, I decided to invent a backlog of shows to watch from one of three different areas. The twelfth anime on this list was Meganebu!, which aired in the fall of 2013. I had previously watched the first two episodes of this anime before dropping it. I watched the show over a period of a two days, and these are my thoughts on it.As I was nearing the end of watching this high school comedy, I came to realize that I wasn’t remembering all that much about what I was watching. For a 12 episode series, I think it is pretty incredible that it could achieve such an amount of monotony in a short amount of time. So I came out of it with about 3 moments that I could really remember. Since this will also become a point of the conversation on this show, no, I was not playing Football Manager or doing anything else distracting.

meganebu06aThere is one overarching plot in Meganebu! The group of four/five (depending on whether you count no-lens hipster Hayato as a member, I don’t), are part of a club at their high school and they are hoping to build a pair of functional X-ray glasses, so they can look at the women who aren’t really a part of the show. Along the way they get into all sorts of mishaps and run into problems with teachers and fellow students. The other notable feature of this show is the color palette. There is so much neon that I was wondering if I was watching the Wachowski brothers take on Speed Racer.

As far as the characters are concerned, Hayato is a terrible person as highlighted above, but there’s little depth to any of the other characters. Akira is the leader of the group and he’s really just an idiot. Mitsuki is the youngest member of the group, but all he does is try to get noticed by senpai. Yukiya and Takuma are the other members and even after watching the show all I can say about them is that they exist. I think I noticed the student council members more since Tooru was tsundere for the club. The others have weird names that made them stand out like Lorenzo, Antonio and Maximilian.

meganebu10aNow as far as the stuff that I did appreciate from this series; there were all of two of those. The first was in the sixth episode when the group is riding a train over to the next town and they decide to compete on who can hold a ridiculous pose the longest as they ride. It’s probably the most silly moment in the show. The other is the rather left field Jumanji parody because it was not as though that was something recent to reference.

I guess in the end I can’t really recommend this to anyone other than those who want to watch silly forgettable comedy that just passes one by. I think this show could have worked as one of those 5 minute short shows as that would have allowed them to showcase the best jokes in the series, but this is far too dragged out.

meganebu12aNext Week: This feature wraps up with…color-coordinated middle school butts. Really Random Number Generator!? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)