On Fun After 6 Years

There haven’t been many posts by me recently. The main reason for that comes down to the whole idea of having fun. If I’m not having fun with whatever I’m watching it will definitely come through like that on the post. I will be perfectly honest in saying that I’m not having very much fun recently. This particular blog, like almost all of the things I am involved with in my everyday life has always been a solo project. I think all of that has really started to take a toll on me recently. Work hasn’t been fun1 and everything else has sort of felt like work. I keep telling myself “just get to the end of November and everything will be fine,” but will it?

Rather than wasting more of your time on personal issues that none of you care about2, I’m going to go the anime contrarian/hipster3 route and talk about some of the shows this season that you are not watching.

bslp05aBonjour♪Sweet Love Patisserie4 is the first show I want to talk about. Now you may be asking yourself, “Why is Emperor J watching a shoujo harem short series?” and that would be a perfectly valid question. I really want to say it was because I was looking for a show that featured a strong female character able to be herself while attracting suitors because so-called “reverse harem”5 series tend to give more life to their lead characters. Actually, it’s because I just wanted a nice looking show that I could knock out in 5 minutes.

To give a brief feel for how this show works, all you need to know is that Sayuri is enrolled in a culinary school as a scholarship student where illicit relationships are banned. She’s taunted and feels inferior to the rest of the students for being the only member of the poors at the school. Fortunately, she has the attention of the attractive teachers who seem to be attracted to her because audience demands.

The reason I bring this up is because the recent 5th episode finally got away from that. She just has a fun day with token Frenchman and doesn’t worry about her own status at the school. It served as an escape from the dumb seriousness that made up the previous 4 episodes. The whole watching as a means of escapism was fulfilled by this episode.

grisaia06aThen there’s fun escapism through absurdity and you get tons of that through The Fruit of Grisaia. The recent sixth episode of the series was filled with plenty of that in the resolution. The best part was how deadly serious the characters were as the episode escalated with almost Too Many Cooks6 efficiency.

So the short story about this particular harem series is that the protagonist Yuuji with professional hitman levels of resources goes through each of the troubled girl’s routes to resolution. This week it was Senjougahara clone Yumiko whose father wants her to be groomed to take over the family enterprise. However, she spent most of her youth haunted by the fact her father desperately wanted a male heir and didn’t care about her mother’s health in the process. The final straw before she turned ultraviolent with a box cutter was her mother wishing she was a boy instead.

The progression of the episode pretty much plays out like stabbing, horrible family situation, pulling a gun, then a grenade, an explosion with a fake body and Yuuji manufacturing a new life for her out of nowhere. It’s just all so fast, especially with the fake dead body reveal that it’s comical. Something so horrifying should not be so funny, but that’s why I like Grisaia after all.

Because the Sega Hard Girls are quite funny at times, I’m also watching Hi-sCool! Seha Girls. I actually think that the Virtua Fighter episode will end up being one of my favorite episodes of the 2nd half of the year. I’m also a fan of how self-aware the whole show is when they are in one of the games. On the downside, there’s the 25% of the time that they are not in a game and that’s usually quite dreadful in as far as making fun of Sega Saturn’s taste in men. What can I say, you take the bad with the good.

twintail05aFinally I’m going to wrap this up with some Twintail. The final member finally joined this ridiculous team of people who having fun while sporting twin tails and powered armored suits. Honestly, I would be watching it if it was simply the protagonist Souji and Thuearle7 messing around with everyone else and there was no plot. The story itself is just monster of the week who has a particular attribute they like in girls in addition to twin tails. Honestly, no one really watches Twintail for the plot. They watch it for the fun that comes with each passing episode. May it continue for the rest of the series.

I’m going to wrap all of this up by saying that I really do hope things will get better by the end of the month8. At that point, I can finally get the Favorite Anime post that has been sitting around for almost 5 months done and I can get you guys some different posts for 12 Days and Secret Santa seasons. Also, be sure to check out some of my recent appearances on the Friday Anime Podcast. For everyone else out there who doesn’t care about anything I’ve written about today, just have fun out there.

1 – Having fun is part of my employer’s mission statement.
2 – I would go for a lower number than zero, but I’m pretty sure this is impossible.
3 – I try not to be, honestly, but I like what I like.
4 – I am not a fan of trying to put weird characters in titles.
5 – There is no such thing as a “reverse harem” because they are all harems to begin with.
6 – There’s too much potential for overanalyzing this particular video. It’s probably best just to leave it alone in its crazy place.
7 – The Licensing Company That Shall Not Be Named prefers a different spelling of this character’s name. Fuck them I’m going with this out of spite.
8 – It isn’t.

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  1. You could always write your 12 Days posts early (and not publish them), if that’s something you’re looking forward to. I don’t remember you ever using footnotes before but 8 doesn’t really make sense, fwiw :v

  2. We have now seen the Twintails penultimate boss, and she wears glasses!! If there’s a fetish that can rival the fetish for twintails, it’s gotta be the fetish for meganekko…

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