12 Days of Something IV: Anime Burnout the 2nd Edition

Last year as part of this series, I ran a post where I decided to write about the experience of watching as many random shows as possible in a single day until I felt burned out. So once again I will be using a random number generator to go through the catalogue of a certain large streaming site where the number of available series has increased significantly over the past year. Instead of 269 to choose from it is now 478. That number will actually be fewer that that since I will not be watching anything I have already completed, and I will be picking up from the last episode after dropping it. I’m going to need a bit of help getting back after this.

Starting this off is Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi or Ghost Slayer Ayashi as it is also known, and it’s the third episode. I probably watched the first 2 episodes of this back when it aired in 2006. Do you know what it’s like to join in the middle of a show after over 8 years? It involves a lot of asking questions like this:gsa03aI had to admit pretty early on that I had no idea what was going on. There was a meeting at some secret base thing where in the middle of a tense conversation food was broken out. The rest of the episode seemed fine as the protagonist Yuki was in the middle of trying to find himself with the help of a kid in traveling to Edo and back. Given the choice of settling down with the kid and his mother and becoming an Ayakashi fighting against monsters, he chose the harder path. Also interesting in this episode was the bit of foreshadowing from an armor vendor that said black ships would be appearing in 10 years, but it was really about how people were not prepared for threats anymore and maybe their society was going soft at the worst time. That’s enough for that episode for now.

Next up is one of those summer shows I skipped. Of course it’s not Nozaki-kun that I would consider going back to watch, but Rail Wars!. This is probably not going to be very fun.

It's this kind of show...
It’s this kind of show…

I pretty much know I would have dropped this show inside the first minute, but I have to just last the 24 minutes. It’s pretty much a training montage and trip to first day of on-site training where they track down a pair of purse snatchers. The main character also has To Love-Ru level perverted accidents, but by the end the group of four characters manages to get their jobs as part of the security team at JNR. That episode wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be just a few seconds in. I don’t know if I would have dropped it after that episode yet.

Third up is the first episode of 1999’s Chance Triangle Session. This is an idol anime produced by Madhouse, presumably when idol anime was a rare thing indeed. So out of the blocks this looks visually pretty terrible. One of the girls in this show is called Nozomi, unfortunately she’s the sheltered ojou-sama type character that would not get by in today’s world. As for the episode itself, there’s only a part where Nozomi’s butler tries to break through security at the concert that’s the centerpiece of the episode, but that’s it for silliness. The rest is just standard, watching Nozomi and the other protagonists, Yuki and Akari get inspired before the plot device of an opportunity for them to become idols appears in front of them in the form of an educational pamphlet to a music school. I’d have dropped this really quick if I’m honest.

The fourth episode of the day takes us back a year to the shoujo exploitation series Diabolik Lovers. I had watched episodes 1 and 4 (for terribad purposes), and at least these episodes were short. So episode 2 it is. So I remembered that this was just a show about a group of vampires just being cruel to the protagonist Yui. I can’t imagine it is any better than I remember it being. So that second episode was really just one of the vampires called Ayato being cruel to her at every opportunity and then Yui’s only shred of hope is taken from her at the very end. Why did people like this? Or am I just imagining a person out there who would like this?

Up fifth is a shonen show I’ve managed to avoid despite its popularity. Basically it’s the 2011 version of Hunter x Hunter. I don’t think the first episode of this will really have much apart from character introductions, but that’s just what the random number generator wants after all.

What I imaging HxH is really like.
What I imagine HxH is really like.

And so it would prove to be something entirely different from that. It seems like it would be a fun show to watch and the characters of Gon, Kurapika and Leorio would probably be good characters. I think the alcoholic ship captain would be fun to watch too, but I don’t imagine he sticks around. I’d probably continue watching this show too were it not for the incredible episode count.

The next up is another show from this year Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to The Animation, which is far too long a title for this show. I read some of the manga before this aired back in the spring and even it was too dumb for me. And even though the jokes were maybe slightly better than I remember, the fact that it is animated here makes it a little more lively. I’d probably consider finishing this show were I given the opportunity.

mangakasan01aNext up is…sigh, Samurai Flamenco. At the current rate of watching this show, I might have it complete by the 2040s. That’s about the only bit of interest I have in this show. I just dislike every character in this show so much and I’ve only seen 2 episodes. So the third episode was just more things being stupid. I can’t believe any actual people would behave like this in real life. I think even the corniest of the shows in this genre are much more believable. I really hope I never have to watch another episode of this.

Then we have another show that I dropped six years ago only to pick up in the middle. What was BLASSREITER (stop yelling the title at me) about again? The OP has terrible looking CG things on motorcycles, so I assume it’s a children’s card game adaptation. The terrible CG just continues in each of the action scenes because this was a 2008 Gonzo show and they had nothing left to offer viewers. I should also add that the 2nd episode of this show likes all things Germany so much that I feel a little guilty for not writing this section in German. That was about all the interest I got even as Gerd was busy choking out a woman than transforming into a monster then fleeing on his terrible CG motorcycle for a terrible CG chase scene. I wonder why I even watched the first episode of this mess.

Next on the docket is 2009’s Tegami Bachi. I could have sworn I saw an episode of this, but I was probably confusing it for something else. This episode opens with the protagonist Gauche finding a kid on the floor with a postage label. Surely this show should know that you cannot send people through the post. The boy is named Lag Seeing and the plot of the show will center around Gauche getting Lag to his destination. I did like how it felt that these two characters were bonding early in their journey as they learn things about each other. This is another one that I would probably watch were it not for the length of the series. 25 episodes is a lot of time for this series to ruin itself by introducing new characters that take away from the primary relationship at the center, and I think that’s what would probably happen here.

blossom01Next after that was one of Yamakan’s 5 minute shorts made for charity in the wake of the Tohoku earthquake. I can’t really be too critical about this one called “Blossom” for the fact that it was made for free, is properly uplifting and I like Sigur Rós.

Then it was Hiiro no Kakera. Which I think I watched the 2nd episode of last year. I certainly wouldn’t have watched the second episode on my own. This was a shoujo harem obviously since the male characters are all pretty much shining. I should also mention at this point that this was about the time when my fantasy football league games started so my attention was divided a little. Ok, maybe a lot since I went to the third episode of season 2 and watched 10 minutes before I realized I had the wrong episode. This is really a slow moving show where little happens. This episode was introducing the character of Inukai who was not looked upon well by the rest of the members. The highlight of this episode for me was when it looked like there would be an actual fight in this show, but then Tamaki had to come in and yell to stop it and everyone just stopped. I don’t understand…

Next up was an episode of Air Master. I had previously seen the first two episodes and the final episode with the group of Classy anime watchers. The takeaway from that is if this show was your favorite anime then you should feel bad about your taste in anime. The third episode did little to dispel this thought as the 6-meter-tall protagonist Maki just did her spin stuff in the air in the middle of a fight. Renge is as annoying as hell and shouldn’t even exist. I’m done with this show.

After that, was the 2nd episode of Arcana Famiglia, another one of these shoujo harem shows. At least the protagonist Felicita is passable as a protagonist. She had control of her own future taken away in the first episode so now she had to win some tournament to win it back. I think that her ability to read minds would make her powerful, but the fact that she was assigned to a division and then won the leadership of it through her own abilities. Then the episode takes a weird turn where it comes down to trying to find the owner of a cat. It’s nice, but that’s about it. I think I still justifiably dropped this show when it first aired.

So for the 22nd and final episode of anime on this particular day (I’ve skipped over some shorts that wouldn’t make for much more than a sentence), it’s the KyoAni show Kyoukai no Kanata. I dropped this show pretty earlier and I can’t help thinking this is the worst KyoAni show. The third episode of this show is far from terrible, but the angst that hangs over it is very much a departure from what would normally come from this particular studio. As far as my feelings for this episode, they pretty much mirror what I think about the series as a whole from what I’ve seen so far. I simply do not believe in the main pairing of Mirai and Akihito. I still feel disappointment in this work from KyoAni, but not as much as Tamako Market. I don’t think I will be revisiting this any time soon.

So to conclude on this second annual random anime viewing day, I think of the shows I watched Hunter x Hunter was almost certainly the best, but it was probably the least likely to be a show I continued on simply because of its length. The worst was probably Air Master because who could really tolerate Renge for 27 episodes of this. At the very least I did manage to add a few more shows to my end of year ranking of series that I watched at least 1 episode of. None of them will make the top 10 though, but that is a post for later in the series.