12 Days of Something IV: Ladies versus Butlers Will End You

Because I clearly don't get enough mileage out of LvB
Because I clearly don’t get enough mileage out of LvB

So a couple months back as I had been part of the recording of the fall season previews for the Friday Anime Podcast an idea was born out of pure stupidity. Kelloggs, who was also a part of this had regaled us for a while of stories about getting unusual people to watch harem anime. The end result of this was a set of rules for consuming alcohol to a bunch of harem tropes. While keeping in mind that this was built with To-Love Ru: Darkness in mind, Kelloggs, Aeroblip and I were set to try this on Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica. Plans were made, then Kelloggs had other stuff to do. So in a moment of stupidity, and because it’s my most popular post on the blog, I suggested trying it out on the first episode of Ladies versus Butlers. Not the greatest idea.

It begins...
It begins…

04:52 – +1 nudity

08:40 – +1 (2) – Akiharu and Sernia collide resulting in her breast being grabbed

08:53 – +2 (4) – Shot of Sernia’s panties that cannot be seen by Akiharu

08:57 – +1 (5) – Akiharu goes for another squeeze

09:21 – +2 (7) – Another shot of Sernia’s panties unseen by Akiharu

09:53 – +1 (8) – Statement that it’s a misunderstanding

10:48 – +2 (10) – Introduction of Mimina, a loli character who is 19

11:04 – +2 (12) – Fanservice involving Mimina in this case Akiharu is able to see her panties

11:29 – +2 (14) – Akiharu grabs Mimina’s breast

11:37 – +1 (15) – Akiharu states again that there’s a misunderstanding

11:54 – +1 (16) – Akiharu accidentally looks up Fou’s skirt and her panties are visible

12:53 – +2 (18) – After taking off her clothes because she had tea splashed on her, Saori’s panties are shown.

13:05 – +1 (19) – Saori gives us the first boob shake sound effect of the series.

13:19 – +4 (23) – After colliding with Akiharu, Sanae has the boob shake sound effect, her crotch is on his face and panties can be seen.

13:24 – +2 (25) – Sanae starts unintentionally grinding on Akiharu’s face.

It's very likely anyone else doing this would be drunk at this point.
It’s very likely anyone else doing this would be drunk at this point.

14:18 – +1 (26) – Akiharu again states to Sernia that it’s a misunderstanding

15:26 – +2 (28) – Akiharu collides into Tomomi, a childhood friend, and grabs her breast.

18:45 – +5 (33) – Mimina is seen taking a bath

18:49 – +1 (34) – Saori is seen nude

18:52 – +1 (35) – Sanae slipping on something while nude

18:55 – +2 (37) – Hedyeh and Ayse are taking a bath together.

18:57 – +4 (41) – Pina, a non-harem member loli character, is taking a bath

19:52 – +3 (44) – Tomomi is seen putting on panties with no one else in the room

It's finally over...
It’s finally over…

Conclusion: Assuming that’s approximately 1.2 ounces of beverage that’s 52.8 ounces in total. That’s like drinking just over 2 full size bottles of wine in the space of 15 minutes. It’s just a bad idea to do this in general, especially with Ladies versus Butlers. For a frame of reference for other shows, the most drinks in the Oniikoto drinking game is 27 in a single episode that’s spread over 23 minutes. Aeroblip and I would eventually go on to finish the series while sticking to the same rules. Fortunately, it never got as bad as it did in that first episode again.