12 Days of Something IV: I Wanted It To Be Good But…

Every year watching anime you start to notice patterns where very little is surprising in terms of quality. Just do a little research on a studio and director and your own tastes and 9 times out of 10 it will be exactly what you expected. This post is going to focus on those few shows that failed to live up to my expectation where tomorrow’s will be about those that exceeded them.

mks_painMomo Kyun Sword was always going to be rather shit, but it even failed to clear that bar beginning with the worst sequence of running ever seen in anime as pictured above from the first episode. With the Classy Anime group, we could only make it halfway through this pile of crap before boredom set in. We specifically mocked the opening animation for this sequence, which surpassed Walkure Romanze‘s horse jumping 50 feet in the air for absurdity.

t709aTrinity Seven was adapted from a manga I found entertaining and it began airing back in October. The protagonist Arata was a fun character in the manga. Always smiling in the way that half the cast of Horizon does. Instead, they simply skipped over parts that made him interesting and thought that the audience cared about his deadly serious “Must Find Hijiri” act to be the most important. It’s probably about getting more people to read the new light novel adaptation instead of buying the anime.

wizbars10aWizard Barristers set out to try to redefine animation as we know it. With little money and time to complete the final episodes, the show took a novel approach, not animating things at all. Visual novels have more animation to them than the final episodes had at times because at least the text changes. The Wizard Barristers script reading descended to the level of infamy. The show didn’t even live up to the low standard I expected of it.

gt24aI have only the following words to say about the end of Golden Time. Fuck, fuck, fuck this shit, fuck everything, fuck Linda, fuck Kouko, fuck Ghost Banri, set it all on fire, Nana is Best Girl.

When checking out Yuuki Yuuna, I did expect it to be a bit of a Madoka clone. Unfortunately, it decided to take the worst bits of that particular show and center it entirely around it. This is now officially the era of Suffering Porn in anime. Main characters must suffer for entirely no reason at all since this cast seems to have no free will of its own. The only good character happens to be the one who has been treated as evil by the end of the series. Even as I was watching Karin suffer like an idiot in the penultimate episode I felt nothing because this show is so dumb.