Pointless Debate #42: The Last Anime That I Will Ever Love

wa207aRecently I’ve finally been able to put into words what I have felt about watching anime over the last 13 months. At first, the question after this season’s tremendous amounts of drops was Do I Even Like Anime Anymore? I can’t say I stopped liking it since I still watch some shows, but that would probably now put me in the filthy casual category. Instead, the question has now become, is White Album 2 going to end up being the last anime I will ever fall in love with?

wa204aThe Case For

I need to start by saying that White Album 2 is a spectacularly good show. In essence it is a perfect love triangle filled with heartwarming moments, feelings of regret, separation anxiety and deep down the feeling that it will end tragically for everyone through no fault of anyone. Haruki, Touma and Setsuna put the audience through an emotional wringer as their desires to be friends conflict with their confused adolescent emotions as they approach the end of their time together in high school. They push each other to be better as friends, but then feelings get in the way. It’s a show that caused a lot of heated debate in conversations I had back when it aired and I just do not see that coming from any show that has aired in recent times.

The second point is that the last five season’s worth of shows have not been very good in my opinion. I had No Game, No Life as my favorite show of last season even as I thought the short series I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying was the best show I watched in 2014 because it made me care about a married couple more in 2 minutes than any other characters over the course of the year. With sequels and rushed light novel adaptations beginning to take a hold in the marketplace for now, it feels like things are slowly, but unknowingly descending into the deep abyss for me.

The third point is that my own tastes have shifted in recent times. I’ve become increasingly safe in my choice of shows. With a harem show the biggest disappointment I can feel is that it wasn’t very good and the main character was pretty bad. I’ve been let down by shows trying to be the next Madoka (Yuuki Yuuna), a show that messed about with memories but chose to do nothing (One Week Friends), a fun manga I really liked that screwed up the adaptation (Trinity Seven), and finished a Kyoto Animation series where I felt nothing for any of the characters (Amagi Brilliant Park). I’ve just been left as an empty husk of feelings toward watching anything, so why should I even try to embrace shows that will only disappoint me in the end.

Finally, there’s that obvious feeling that no one really cares what I watch anyway. So if there are 3 people watching Saekano this season, I’m talking to all of them in an echo chamber. I don’t think anyone else is watching Bonpati. It doesn’t really matter about those other two shows since I’m really watching them to fill time. Oh, and if you think I’m just imagining this, then I…I will just let this guy take it. Thanks to the fun that is Anime Power Rankings I get to find out that the best show I’m watching this season is just the 19th most popular among a select community. It’s just turned into a positive feedback loop where I end up liking less and less popular shows so I have no one to talk to about them. I’m not even going to say they are good like I’m a potential hipster either.

wa208bThe Case Against

Well of course I am on an island in terms of the shows I watch because my taste is so terrible. If only I would give shows like Death Parade, Jojo’s or Yatterman Night a chance then I wouldn’t be feeling so isolated in terms of what I watched. It’s that I come up with stupid rules as to why I will not even start certain shows like the dumb Fate/Stay Night rule.* So I will just keep missing out on the other shows that are even more popular because I think I will hate them.

Then as far as the other points, let me start by saying that White Album 2 isn’t even considered that good. It’s pure wish fulfillment anime in the fact that Haruki would never have a chance with two girls who are that attractive and much more talented than he is. He is also stupid in his indecisiveness that no realistic teenager would have. The friendship at the center of the show is too perfect either. Instead I should have thought that shows like Nozaki-kun, Parasyte and even Nisekoi are much better than White Album 2. I fell in love with a show that deserves to be in one of those 20 DVD for $5 packages except that no one even licensed the show because it is so terrible. No one should like that show let alone me.

As far as the desperate disappointment that I keep getting from shows that have aired over the last year, that’s life. There are no happy endings only bad ones. Did anyone really think Yuuki Yuuna was going to have a competent ending? No, no one in their right mind would have so of course that was to be expected. Amagi Brilliant Park was brilliant but I can’t truly appreciate it for what it is because I lack positive feelings of any sort.

Also, let’s get to all of the shows that I didn’t even bother to finish or watch last year. I had Kill La Kill as one of my worst shows of the year and actually everyone really fucking loved that show so I needed to love it as well. Even more people liked Ping Pong, but no it was too hipster for me. Then there’s Space Dandy, actually I had a point there, what were those people thinking liking it. Alright, then how about Gundam Build Fighters, everyone who watches it loves it, but I couldn’t get over the dumb premise of people intentionally breaking other people’s gunpla in competition. Just let it go man.