The Bad Spring 2015 Anime Season Preview

Ameiro Cocoa

Genres: Comedy
Studio: EMT2
Director: Mochizuki Tomomi
Lazy Plot Synopsis: A male college freshman gets a job at a cafe because he needs money and he just happens to hang around with attractive men of a similar age.
What I Knew About This Before I Did Research: This looks like a BL-lite version of Gochiusa, which isn’t actually a very good show to begin with.
What I Think of It After Research: The director has a history of making a wide variety of shows since he’s been around forever. That’s given him time to make both good (the first Kimagure Orange Road movie) and bad (Pupa) works, but it’s largely mediocre and forgettable . This is a debut production for this studio, so I’m inclined to say that people will forget it exists by the time summer season previews are being written.

Arslan Senki

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Supernatural
Studio: Liden Films (or LIDENFILMS they scream out)
Director: Abe Noriyuki
Lazy Plot Synopsis: Arslan gets thrown into his first battle and loses everything; kingdom and all that he was prince of since he’s a failure. Now he has to become a grown-ass man and get it back.
What I Knew About This Before I Did Research: This looks really generic in the sense that it’s a protagonist of a standard age who has to grow up by winning a series of battles against increasingly strong opponents.
What I Think of It After Research: Abe has a history of directing long lasting shows that go on and on and on while the audience grows up and moves on to better things with plot progression and not filler. There is also a feeling of sadness that Yamakan isn’t involved with this since it’s Liden, but he’s too busy having saved anime with Senyuu. So the end result is that I don’t think this will have any impact at all on people.

Baby Steps 2

Genres: Tennis, Romance, Shounen
Studio: Studio Pierrot
Director: Murata Masahiko
Lazy Plot Synopsis: Eiichiro became an okay tennis player through persistence and effort. Now he must do more persistence and effort and maybe deal with a relationship too.
What I Knew About This Before I Did Research: Dream Katari loves this shit, so who am I to disagree with on the quality of this show.
What I Think of It After Research: It’s a second season of a show that I only watched one episode of in an effort to get to 102 different shows watched in 2014. I’m sure people who liked the first season will like the second just as much. More power to them.

Battle Spirits: Burning Soul

Genres: Children’s Card Game, Cash Grab
Studio: BN Pictures
Director: Sugishima Kunihisa
Lazy Plot Synopsis: Sunrise and Bandai need their card game to make more money so they made another Battle Spirits anime. That’s the actual plot.
What I Knew About This Before I Did Research: It’s a cash grab to promote the card game. All it has to do is look cool to an audience of 7-13 year old boys and it’s done the job.
What I Think of It After Research: The story will revolve around boys with terribly unrealistic hair battling their monsters in pompous battles with explosions and shit. It would be awesome if I was still 8. That was a long, long time ago.

Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken 2-sure-me

Genres: Comedy, Seinen
Studio: Seven
Director: Nagai Shinpei
Lazy Plot Synopsis: Kaoru can’t understand her otaku husband Hajime. Only now she’s expecting.
What I Knew About This Before I Did Research: This show is amazing in 3 minute blocks. It will be legendary if it goes to 12 minutes using the Encouragement of Climb rule.
What I Think of It After Research: I think as long as they keep this within the realm of a normal marriage this show will do just fine in the second season.

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  1. I am actually quite interested in how Arslan Senki will turn out, since it was originally written by Tanaka Yoshiki, of Legend of Galactic Heroes fame.

  2. I read them, these posts that is. Very informative. Thanks, Emperor.

    What are you going to watch, if anything at all?

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