The Bad Spring 2015 Anime Season Preview

Houkago no Pleiades

Genres: Automotive Advert, Magical Girl
Studio: Gainax
Director: Saeki Shouji
Lazy Plot Synopsis: Subaru’s parent company wants the audience to watch a magical girl show then go out and buy a new Subaru to drive around. This seems to be a mistake.
What I Knew About This Before I Did Research: Gainax desperately needs money, so why even bother with pretext. They should just do the cute girl thing and then have the characters speak to the camera about how they should consider new models of cars like the giant waste of money advertisement this show is.
What I Think of It After Research: You know how pretty much all of the core Gainax staff from years ago have left to do other (not necessarily better) things. Saeki is one of the guys who has stuck around, mainly so they can say “from the director of FLCL” while completely ignoring He is My Master and Medaka Box. Don’t watch this, please.

Kaitou Joker 2

Genres: Adventure, Mystery, Shounen
Studio: Shin-Ei Animation
Director: N/A
Lazy Plot Synopsis: A thief who can steal anything goes on adventures with his crew.
What I Knew About This Before I Did Research: It’s a children’s show, which is perfectly fine. Better to encourage kids that stealing physical objects is cool, otherwise they will be stealing public pensions as politicians in later life.
What I Think of It After Research: There’s not much to add other than to say this is going to be more of the same from the first season. The kids better like it or they are going to be forced to watch more Detective Conan and that isn’t cool anymore.

Kekkai Sensen

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Unrealistic Portrayal of New York’s Demographics
Studio: Bones
Director: Matsumoto Rie (it only took 21 shows to get a female director in this)
Lazy Plot Synopsis: A netherworld bubble opens up over New York, commonly referred to as New Jersey, and in it sits people and weird monsters *cough*which I bet are the minorities who live in New York*cough*. Some people are trying to break them out of the bubble, but some extremely rich and fabulous people are there to stop them.
What I Knew About This Before I Did Research: I bet this somehow turns out to be amazing to a small group of people. I will probably just laugh through the first episode then give up on humanity’s future.
What I Think of It After Research: So this is a manga adaptation so there should be enough time for people to get caught up in the nuances of it. However, the characters might as well have names straight from the Tomino Book of Gundam Names. Zapp Renfro for fuck’s sake is a main character’s name. Zapp Motherfucking Renfro and his buddy Leonardo Watch. I bet they are named after their powers because that’s too fucking predictable.

Kyoukai no Rinne

Genres: Comedy, Shounen, Romance
Studio: Brains Base
Director: Sugawara Seiki
Lazy Plot Synopsis: A high school girl can see dead people. And no, it’s not Bruce Willis, but a cheap-ass boy who happens to be a shinigami.
What I Knew About This Before I Did Research: I wasn’t a fan of the manga as the comedy just didn’t click for me. The protagonist Sakura just wasn’t interesting to me so I didn’t care.
What I Think of It After Research: Sugawara directed D-Frag last year which was kind of fun and directed a couple episodes of Sengoku Collection, so I’m willing to at least give this a shot again.

Sorry Jigen, you are being made to work again.
Sorry Jigen, you are being made to work again.

Lupin III

Genres: Burglary, Action, Shounen
Studio: Telecom Animation Film
Director: Yano Yuuichiro, Tomonaga Kizuhide (chief director)
Lazy Plot Synopsis: Lupin, Goemon, Jigen and Fujiko go around Italy and San Marino stealing a bunch of shit and pissing off Zenigata.
What I Knew About This Before I Did Research: I bet someone involved in production wanted to expense a trip to Italy and accidentally ended up in San Marino, so why the hell not include that in there too.
What I Think of It After Research: Does the world need another Lupin series? I would be inclined to say not. After A Woman Called Mine Fujiko, I don’t think this series can really go back to the childish fun it was before unless they really do plan on having Fujiko do assorted things topless at the end of each episode again.

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  1. I am actually quite interested in how Arslan Senki will turn out, since it was originally written by Tanaka Yoshiki, of Legend of Galactic Heroes fame.

  2. I read them, these posts that is. Very informative. Thanks, Emperor.

    What are you going to watch, if anything at all?

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