The Bad Spring 2015 Anime Season Preview

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid

Genres: Sequel No One Wanted, Magical Girl
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Director: Itou Yuuki
Lazy Plot Synopsis: It’s another Nanoha show, because the sequels had characters that were too old for a segment of the audience.
What I Knew About This Before I Did Research: This strikes me as the Nanoha version of Prisma Illya only I think that worked better because it had Rin reaction faces in it.
What I Think of It After Research: I don’t think this is going to lead to anything more than yet more small paper featuring characters that are too young for the content. I don’t even know why this is getting an adaptation, but I guess the manga needs more people interested in it.

Mikagura Gakuen Kimikyoku

Genres: Superpower, Shoujo, Yuri Shipping
Studio: Dogakobo
Director: Iwasaki Tarou
Lazy Plot Synopsis: A fujoshi enrolls in a new school to meet the girl on the cover of the pamplet only to become involved in superpowered battles between school clubs.
What I Knew About This Before I Did Research: This concept seems interesting, but I don’t know if the characters will do much for me.
What I Think of It After Research: So this has shipping anime written all over it. The protagonist is basically a proxy for the audience when dealing with her classmates having fun with each other. That’s pretty typical of shows like this. The director was responsible for last year’s Butler (Isshukan Friends) but where is this shows Gordon Hayward?


Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu

Genres: Shipping, Romance, School
Studio: Satelight
Director: Wada Junichi
Lazy Plot Synopsis: Remember the Haruhi movie and how Yuki was in that. This is just a version branched out into a full series.
What I Knew About This Before I Did Research: People really don’t like Satelight for making this and I don’t get it. Is it better to wait for KyoAni to do it than to not get it at all?
What I Think of It After Research: Yes the character designs look terrible compared to the old one, but anything that looked even slightly different from the originals would have disappointed fans of the old show. It’s been nine years, it’s time to move on guys. I think this show will be better than what I’ve been reading online.


Genres: Comedy, Shounen Ai
Studio: N/A
Director: Onaka Takeshi
Lazy Plot Synopsis: A lolicon who carries a mirror knows some weird people.
What I Knew About This Before I Did Research: Nothing
What I Think of It After Research: I only know from the genre and the description that this is BL and the main character is an asshole. I don’t think this will be watched by many people.



Genres: Harem, Shaft, Needless Shipping Wars
Studio: Shift
Director: Shinbou Akiyuki
Lazy Plot Synopsis: There was something about a key and locket but it’s not important anymore. It’s just about shipping characters together.
What I Knew About This Before I Did Research: I’m caught up in the manga for this, so what I can tell you is that most people have appalling taste in their choice of best girl. This at least ads a new best girl candidate that is better than those two.
What I Think of It After Research: If you have Kosaki or Chitoge as your best girl, then you need to reconsider your life because your taste is utter shit. Go with Kosaki’s sister, Haru. Or wait for the third season for the teacher from a third yakuza that won’t be introduced this season. Maybe just watch Ruri’s reaction faces as she is as appalled by Kosaki as you should be. Otherwise, this will be a fine show as long as you have the aforementioned Haru, Seishirou, Ruri or Marika as your best girl. I’ll even accept Paula McCoy, but only just.

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  1. I am actually quite interested in how Arslan Senki will turn out, since it was originally written by Tanaka Yoshiki, of Legend of Galactic Heroes fame.

  2. I read them, these posts that is. Very informative. Thanks, Emperor.

    What are you going to watch, if anything at all?

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