The Fall 2015 Eliminator Week 2

Yes, yes you did. Now you are gone.
Yes, yes you did. Now you are gone.

This season I have taken a different approach with the newly airing shows this season. Since I am still in the middle of boycotting a licensor that shall not be named here, I ended up starting 19 different shows. Each week, I am eliminating one (or possibly more) shows that I deem the worst for the week until the end of the season is finally reached. As I have decided to start this feature on a whim, there is no week 1.

After Lance N’ Masques was eliminated for the crime of being dull and having only an anthropomorphized horse as the only highlight of its opening episode, it was now up to the remaining 18 shows to prove that they belonged in my watch list. After tweeting about this challenge I received just one response:

Now Reiseng, I think you are great and all for responding to my dumb tweets about anime, but trying to predict my taste is just foreshadowing the downfall of whatever I’m talking about at the time.

Hackadoll The Animation is a short that I have been known to keep watching despite it being utterly terrible. Hell, I finished Ishida to Asakura which should have resulted in my award of a Purple Heart, but I digress. The second episode of this story about degenerate nth-generation AI trying to help people focused on a producer trying find a replacement group of idols. Lo and behold a trio of idiotic AI show up to lift his hopes up and end up delivering a spectacularly bad show that left most of the audience as dead as Randy Quaid’s acting career. Except for that one damn fan who kept cheering all of it. I bet his favorite idol anime is Wake Up, Girls.

That was enough to doom it to the dropped pile as my 436th one according to MyAnimeList. That doesn’t mean there weren’t others that are now on the cusp:

To provide context: this character entered the room for the sole purpose of having the others talk about her backstory then she left.
To provide context: this character entered the room for the sole purpose of having the others talk about her backstory then she left.

Comet Lucifer delivered a 2nd episode that just felt sort of like Fractale with mecha. Admittedly a kid who likes rocks is an interesting start for a protagonist of this sort of show, but it doesn’t mean that the mysterious girl that comes from one, Felia, has to have the intelligence of one.

Komori-san wa Kotowarenai! is pretty much the same show as the manga that I read before and is just as good as I thought it was when I brought it up here. It’s an interesting concept for a main character wasted on terrible jokes about breast size coming from her friends.

Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider has fantastic use of lighting in its scenes. Unfortunately I just can’t buy any of the characters. Maybe as the plot is just now getting started it can start focusing on developing characters other than Shiki.

Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai is a terribly written mess of a show with a self-insert protagonist who lucks into power because reasons. Needless to say, this is probably a show which will be up there with Magical Warfare in just being bad at everything. It’s somehow made it to the 3rd episode for me.

plife02aOn the plus side, Gakuen Toshi Asterisk hasn’t turned out to be the absolute dumpster fire I thought it would be. Peeping Life’s Idiot Couple on vacation has proven to be one of my highlights of the season. Osomatsu-kun is doing a good job of showing how to make updated versions of classics without making it an entirely different show and only including the original title in your social commentary piece.

Finally, there’s Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen which would be a series that I would recommend to normal people if I knew any normal people I could recommend anime to. It continues to prove that when it comes to adaptations of Aquaplus visual novels, the 2nd series is always the one to watch. Maybe this one can sneak in to my top 30 list at the rate it’s going early on.

As always, those still standing can be seen on my MAL.