The Fall 2015 Eliminator Week 3

Any damn excuse to make this an imouto incest show.
Any damn excuse to make this an imouto incest show.

Each week I am going through the anime series available to me this season and choosing to drop the worst performer that week. Lance N’ Masques was eliminated for being boring. Hackadoll was eliminated for being putrid idol bullshit. Which terrible show will hit my drop list this week and make my viewing much easier and much more bearable?

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Beneath the usual shonen series (and outright porn), but above Haikyu, which is good, is our “winner”

If one was to take a look at Crunchyroll’s most popular shows at any given time, it’s pretty much dominated by the Shonen Jump adaptations and anything that was recently released. If anything outside of that hangs around for a couple of days, then it’s probably legitimately popular with the users of the site. (Waits for someone to tell me immediately this analysis is totally wrong). Out of the most popular shows at the time of this post, Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon is this week’s winner. It’s a show that is popular, and I think anyone who does like this unironically should feel bad.

This week’s failure of an episode included a new character called Mari, who is a witch. You know Ouka hates witches so it creates an instant point of conflict. She’s also a tsundere character who is after Takeru within minutes, because reasons. That’s not even the worst part of the episode though. Usagi enters the team in a competition where they can win 1,000 points toward I guess not being considered as shit as they are by the rest of the academy. So Takeru has to glance at the bracket and he’s immediately confronted by the leader of another platoon who just acts like a dick to him for unexplained reasons. This may be acceptable for a feud in an 80s action films or professional wrestling, but this medium is neither of those. This terribly written, yet popular work is now gone from my watch list.


I could swear that really is what mixed farming is.
I could swear that really is what mixed farming is.

Since I don’t want anything to come as a surprise to my single-digit readership, I try to give an idea of what shows could be next to be dropped in the coming weeks. Here’s this week’s cases of not being good.G

Comet Lucifer continues to do nothing for me. It may survive the season by simply not doing anything.

JK-Meshi! is a short series in which Ruriko shows the intelligence of a grade school girl and she and the three others have a simple meal at the end of it. At least it must not cost much to make.

Beautiful Bones -Sakurako’s Investigation- has badly declined with each episode. Shoutarou is just going to spend the whole series exasperated at Sakurako isn’t he? I think after his action star turn last episode this was just back to a formula that already seems so tired.

The Perfect Insider can’t have as obvious a culprit as I think it is? I think this show hit peak stupidity when in this week’s episode Moe kicked off a spell of exposition in which both she and Souhei went into “Hey we’re doing the exposition thing now!” mode. When will Noitamina get back to airing good shows again?


This is excellent.
This is excellent.

I like to wrap up the week by highlighting the fact that there are usually a few good episodes each week. Here are this week’s selections.

Magical Somera-chan continues to be wonderful. Yes, I liked Ai Mai Mi and you should too. Wait, where are you going? Come back. Please.

Utawarerumono may have managed to get me my first APR vote total since the whole death in the family situation several months ago, but I still insist that it’s actually a good show. They even brought Ray Romano back from underwater for the third episode.